Can't Buoy Me Love (also known as Don't Buoy Me Love) is a recurring balance and dexterity challenge from Survivor.


The castaways must balance on a small perch while holding a buoy with two handles. If they step off of their perch or drop their buoy, they are eliminated from the challenge. The last castaway holding their buoy while still on the perch wins.


The challenge made its debut in Game Changers as the final nine Immunity Challenge. Despite struggling to keep his balance throughout nearly the entire challenge, Brad Culpepper outlasted Tai Trang after 23 minutes to win his first individual immunity.

The challenge appeared again in David vs. Goliath as the final twelve Immunity Challenge. With most of the tribe quickly dropping early on in the challenge, Dan Rengering ultimately outlasted Angelina Keeley to win individual immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Game Changers
"It Is Not a High Without a Low"
Individual Immunity S34 brad t
Brad Culpepper
David vs. Goliath
"You Get What You Give"
Individual Immunity S37 dan t
Dan Rengering




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