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Call the Whambulence! is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Panama.


Night 33[]

The castaways return to camp, Cirie gives a confessional talking about how dark it was and she places her torch down on the ground. Terry soon wanted to know who's torch was that after tripping on it. This causes an argument between the two. Aras interjected between the two. In a confessional, Terry states he wasn't here to make friends with 24 year olds and is going to win. Cirie summarizes that Terry is angry because Shane's elimination prevents him from taking another jury goat.

Days 34-35[]

The final four arrive for the Reward Challenge. Jeff explains how the challenge works and the winner would go on a yacht with a 5-star meal. Because of the nature of the challenge, The castaways often made contact and used themselves as roadblocks. This cumulated in Terry pushing Aras. In the end, Aras won the challenge. Terry tried to review the rules, which caused an argument with Aras, who viewed Terry as being a sore loser. Jeff explains that Aras can take one person with him on the reward while the other two would be exiled. Aras picks Cirie to join him, and she promptly gives him a hug.

On an airplane, Aras and Cirie are excited about going on the yacht to have food. Aras describes the reward and how psychologically it is good for him in a confessional. Cirie said what she thought of being on a yacht. During the trip, Aras and Cirie proposed a final two deal. The pair had many conversations, often laughing and having fun. 

On Exile Island, Danielle declares her hatred for the challenge. Terry describes his rivalry with Aras as getting unhealthy. In a confessional, Terry describes what happened after the Reward Challenge from his point of view in a confessional. Terry hopes that Aras doesn't win the next so he will be the next to go. Danielle talks to Terry about what happens if he wins immunity. They talk about giving Danielle the idol to void Aras and Cirie's votes and vote out Aras. Danielle reviews what happened at the Reward Challenge and decides it was the right time to align herself with Terry. She also states that she is here to win the million, not be Terry's friend. Terry decided to make a final two pact with Danielle and resolves not to let Aras wins the next Immunity Challenge.

The Yacht arrives at the Panama Canal. Aras describes how the canal works in a confessional. Cirie expresses her amazement on how something man-made works like that. The Yacht returns to the island. Cirie describes the island as nice from the yacht. Both of them viewed the experience as amazing. Realizing she had never made fire, Cirie decides to make one. Her excitement of successfully making fire wakes up Aras, impressing him.

Day 36[]

Aras and Cirie arrive for the challenge and Terry and Danielle return for exile. Jeff explains how the challenge works. Aras initially had the lead and kept it all the way. The women fell behind early on. Despite Terry's efforts, Aras finishes the puzzle first and ends Terry's immunity streak.

After returning to camp, Terry pulls Aras aside to talk about the comments of the Reward Challenge. He said that was uncalled for and he wants an apology. Terry then lists he is not sexist or do anything without his wife knowing. Aras apologizes for his comments. He describes how the Survivor experience bonds you together with anyone, regardless of personality. Both men apologized and shook hands. Cirie noticed this and wondered what was going on. In a confessional, Danielle talks about how Tribal Council is going to end in a 2-2 tie. Danielle and Cirie talk about what would be the tiebreaker, which the latter said would be fire. Both Aras and Terry give advice to Cirie and Danielle to help them build fire, respectively. Cirie states she has mixed emotions about the fire-making challenge. On one hand, she doesn't want to go to the jury. On the other, she believes that she and Danielle are equal when it comes to winning. Danielle states that she is confident but you never know. She talks to Terry about giving her the idol.

At Tribal Council, Jeff points out that the final four each consists of one member of the original four tribes. He asks about Aras beating Terry in challenges, The Hidden Immunity Idol and how people change over the course of the game. When the vote came, It was a 2-2 tie between Cirie and Danielle as expected. Neither woman has the idol, so they participated in a fire building challenge. The first person to build a fire big enough to burn through a rope to raise a flag wins. The episode ends as Jeff begins the challenge.


Challenge: Station By Station
Moving along a communal rope to six stations, the contestants must count the number of a specific item (shells, rocks, poles, fish, iguanas, and hermit crabs), return to their solving station at the start, and find the appropriate tile before continuing. Once they've got all six numbers, they must open three separate combination locks with them. If there are any mistakes, they must go back and correct any or all of them. First to open all three locks and raise their flag wins.
Reward: A tour of the Panama Canal while on a yacht, spending the night on board, and having a five-course meal.
Winner: Aras Baskauskas (shared with Cirie Fields, exiled Danielle DiLorenzo and Terry Deitz)

Challenge: Puzzle Dig
Using images and rope to dig up a bag of puzzle pieces, the castaways must take it to a solving station, and assemble the jigsaw to show where to move the ropes. First to dig up three bags and solve all three puzzles wins.
Winner: Aras Baskauskas

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 12:
S12 cirie t
Cirie (2 votes)
S12 danielle tS12 terry t
Danielle, Terry
S12 danielle t
Danielle (2 votes)
S12 aras tS12 cirie t
Aras, Cirie
S12 cirie tS12 danielle t
Cirie, Danielle (2 votes each)
To Be Continued
(next episode)

Voting Confessionals[]

No confessionals were aired in the episode.

S12 danielle t
(voting against Cirie) Cirie, mama, you know where this is going. I love you. Good luck.
S12 terry t
(voting against Cirie) It's a numbers game tonight, Cirie. Take care.
S12 cirie t
(voting against Danielle) Sorry it had to come to this. Can't vote for Terry, he might have the idol. Good luck at fire.
S12 aras t
(voting against Danielle) This is only because Cirie and I have such a good relationship. You guys are pulling rocks or having a contest or making fire or something anyway. Good luck... but I hope Cirie wins.

Still in the Running[]

S12 tina bw
S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 ruthmarie bw
S12 bobby bw
S12 dan bw
S12 nick bw
S12 austin bw
S12 sally bw
S12 bruce bw
S12 courtney bw
S12 shane bw
S12 aras t
S12 cirie t
S12 danielle t
S12 terry t


Somebody call a whambulence - Terry is crying on the co-o-ourse!

Aras Baskauskas


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