Butch Lockley is a contestant from Survivor: The Amazon.

His most outstanding (and somewhat embarrassing) moment was when his carelessness accidentally caused the Jacaré camp to burn to the ground.


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Born in St. Louis, Mo., Butch Lockley grew up in Dupo, Ill. As a youth, he participated in little league baseball, Boy Scouts, church activities and camping in Southern Illinois. He graduated in 1970 from Dupo High School and received an athletic award for having the most varsity letters through participation in cross country, basketball, and track. In 1974, Lockley received a Bachelor of Science degree from Greenville College in Illinois. With a career in education, he then served 19 years as a high school teacher, athletic director and coach. During that time, he also finished a marathon (which had been a personal goal of his). In 1994, he received a master's degree in education administration from Eastern Illinois University. He is currently a middle school principal and district transportation/building and grounds director. He recently held offices in the Illinois Principal's Association and the Illinois Basketball Association. He is an active member in the Olney Rotary Club.

Lockley enjoys hunting, water sports and walking. He describes himself as enthusiastic, ambitious and humorous. If he could hold any political office, he'd like to be a state congressman because he could influence laws and programs that would help his state grow and develop while maintaining contact with the local people. He is most proud of raising his three children. He is doing this because he loves competition, challenges and the outdoors and a chance to win some money. If he wins the $1 million, he's going to buy a 4-Wheel Drive Pick-Up truck.

Lockley currently resides in Olney, Ill., with his wife, Cindy, who is a counselor at his school. They have three children, Amanda, Joshua and Andrea, and a dog, Casper. His birth date is August 28, 1952.[1]


Butch Lockley was placed on the all-male Tambaqui tribe. Butch's survival skills impressed Rob Cesternino. Butch placed his luxury item, a banner that says Believe in Yourself at the shelter. Dave Johnson was inspired by Butch's item. The men made fire, shelter and caught many fish. At the first challenge of the season, the men were leading. However, Ryan Aiken and Daniel Lue had trouble crossing the balance beam. This allowed the Jaburu women to win immunity. Butch and Alex Bell sided with Roger Sexton to vote out Ryan because of his immaturity and dismal challenge performance. Dave voted against Daniel. The swing vote Rob, cast the critical vote against Ryan. At the Reward Challenge, Butch was the caller for Tambaqui. Despite his best efforts, Jaburu won. However, the men did win immunity. At the Reward Challenge, Jaburu won. Daniel was trying to get Roger out of the game. Tambaqui lost immunity and Daniel was unanimously voted out. The men had trouble fishing. However, Matthew von Ertfelda managed to catch a large fish. Tambaqui won a fire building challenge and earned a fridge filled with Coca-Cola. The men also won a fishing contest for immunity, which they was allowed to take all of the fish they caught back to camp.

The tribes received Tree Mail asking for its youngest member, who was Dave, for a night of fun and wine. When Dave returned, he announced that Alex, Rob, and Matthew would be going to Jaburu and replaced by Heidi StrobelChristy Smith, and Jeanne Hebert. The men were amazed that Christy was deaf. The tribe bonded well. Butch enjoyed the smile on Christy's face when she was accepted into the tribe. Unfortunately, Tambaqui lost the Immunity Challenge. The men settled on Jeanne, who was implied the next to go on Jaburu based on the information extracted from Jenna Morasca. Dave managed to get Heidi to flip, sending Jeanne home. At the next Reward Challenge, Butch surprised everyone when he won both of his rounds. This helped Tambaqui win the reward of spices and a fruit basket. The tribe also won immunity.

On Day nineteen, the tribe was allowed to open the box that was there since the beginning of the game. It said that the tribes had merged. The new tribe moved to a new camp site, where a feast awaited them. Deena Bennett had named the new tribe Jacaré. After the celebrations was over, Butch joined Roger in building a shelter. However, the women was getting annoyed with Roger's perceived chauvinism. Although the Jaburu men said that the men was sticking together, they never really liked Roger and was planning to vote him out because he was a pain. At the first post-merge Immunity Challenge, Butch tried not to look when Heidi and Jenna stripped naked for peanut butter and chocolate. Butch eventually opted out for Pizza. Deena eventually won the challenge. Unaware of the real plan, Butch voted against Christy. Roger was the one sent home in a 7-3 vote. Butch and Dave helped built a new dock for the boat. Butch's team of Christy, Rob and himself lost the following Reward Challenge. At the Immunity Challenge, Butch was the last man in the game. He was knocked out by Jenna. He commented that many of his students wanted to do that. Jenna won immunity and Dave was unanimously voted out.

Butch was in danger if Matthew won immunity. However, Alex and Deena started targeting each other. Butch was approach by Matthew to be a part of a chain alliance, which was lead by Rob. Matthew won immunity. Rob told the chain to vote out Deena, blindsiding her in a 6-2 vote. The next day, Butch, Christy, and Matthew did all of the work while the others were lazy. At the Survivor Auction, Butch brought a breakfast plate (Pancakes, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs) for $400. He was also given comfort items to have "Breakfast in Bed". Knowing they was in trouble, Matthew tried to get Rob on their side. At the Immunity Challenge, Butch was declared the most honest. Rob won immunity, and sided with Matthew, Butch, and Christy to vote out Alex. Everyone talked about Alex and his game-play after his blindside. At the Reward Challenge, Matthew won and elected to give up his right to see his mother so everyone else can see their loved ones. Butch was ecstatic to see his wife, Cindy. At the Immunity Challenge, Butch did well in the first part of the challenge. He and Jenna earned the most pucks for Shoot 'n' Shuffle with four. Despite that, Butch did not do a good job, with Jenna winning. Butch settled on voting out Heidi. However, Butch was left out of the new plot to oust swing vote Christy.

Butch was gathering a lot firewood to the point of obsession, making Rob help him. The other made jokes about this. Butch was asked to dance, which he responded it embarrasses his wife. He did eventually. The tribe got Tree Mail for its last reward. Butch summarized the challenge was for someone juicy. This was proven right, as the challenge was for a car. Matthew won the challenge and wanted to take everyone, but was forced to chose one. Matthew took Rob, forcing the others to leave the car. When Butch, Heidi, and Jenna returned to camp, it was burnt down. Everyone was devastated as they lost their possessions (with the exception of Heidi, whose possessions were unharmed in the fire). In confessionals, Rob and Heidi both blamed Butch of the blaze because of his obsession with firewood. Matthew won immunity and Jenna had a breakdown. Despite asking to leave the game, the men deemed Heidi the bigger threat and voted her out instead. The men agreed that Jenna was the next to go. Things became complicated when Jenna won immunity. Butch tried to get Jenna on his side. However, Matthew lobbied against Butch, saying he didn't play the strategic game and didn't deserve to be here. After careful consideration, Jenna voted against Butch. Butch was voted out in a 3-1 vote.

At Final Tribal Council, Butch first congratulated the finalists. Before he asked his question, a branch fell from a tree surprising the contestants. Butch then asked the finalists to name an example of when they lied. Jenna said she lied to Deena because Jenna felt that Deena betrayed the alliance. Matthew said that he lied to Roger as part of the plan to vote him out and lied to Alex to save himself. Butch gave his jury vote to Matthew, making him the only person to do so.

Voting History

Butch's Voting History
Episode Butch's
Voted Against
1 Ryan -
2 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
3 Daniel -
4 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
5 Jeanne Christy, Jeanne
6 Tambaqui Tribe Immune
7 Christy -
8 Dave -
9 Deena -
11 Alex -
12 Jenna -
13 Heidi -
14 Rob Jenna,
Matthew, Rob
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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  • Butch is the first contestant from Illinois.
  • Butch's luxury item was a "Believe in Yourself" banner.


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