Butch Cassidy (also known as Free Fallin') is a recurring physical Survivor challenge.


Each tribe starts on a raised platform. One by one each tribe member must jump off the platform and re-assemble at a certain point. Once all the tribe members have reached the meeting point they must race to a final point. The first tribe to reach the final point wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: The Australian Outback as a Reward Challenge. The tribes had to jump off a 35-foot granite cliff into a deep natural pool. They must swim to a floating crate anchored in the river. Once a tribe member reaches the crate the next tribe member could go. When each member of the tribe reaches the crate, they must dive down and detach it from the anchor. The tribe must then maneuver the crate down a river through small rapids, and carry it onto a sandy beach. The first tribe to get the crate and all tribe members across the finish line wins. Ogakor won this challenge, winning blankets for the tribe, due to Rodger Bingham of Kucha being afraid of heights and his inability to swim.

The challenge re-appeared in Survivor: One World. Each tribe started the challenge on a raised platform. One at a time, tribe mates drop from a three-step structure down into a net. After all players from a tribe finish the net drop and re-assemble on a tribal mat, they proceed to the next stage, climb stairs to another platform, and perform a balance beam walk. Manono won immunity and flint after Salani member Kourtney Moon broke her wrist when she landed on the net. As the challenge required all nine members to finish, Manono was given a choice; take the win or continue the challenge with one less member and face the possibility of losing. Manono chose to win the challenge without finishing.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
The Australian Outback
Tribal Reward S2 amber tS2 colby tS2 jerri tS2 keith t
S2 kel tS2 maralyn tS2 mitchell tS2 tina t
One World
"Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S24 bill tS24 colton tS24 jay t
S24 jonas tS24 leif tS24 matt t
S24 michael tS24 tarzan tS24 troyzan t



  • Both times this challenge has appeared, the losing tribe was a blue tribe.


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