Buried Treasure was a twist where the tribes compete for a slightly more lucrative prize. A clue to the location of the treasure was given to the winner of the Reward Challenge.


The host will inform the castaways they will compete to obtain a buried item hidden at their camps. The more Reward Challenges won, the more chances of finding the buried treasure.


Pearl Islands

At each camp, there was a treasure chest buried. The tribes would receive clues as to the location of the chest. Inside were luxury items to make life at camp easier. This twist went along with the "pirate" theme of the season.


This twist was employed during Survivor: All-Stars, in the form of a chest with three locks that was given to the tribes via Tree Mail. It was revealed to the tribes that the chest contains two sacks of rice, and the only way to obtain keys is to win three Reward Challenges. Each win gives the winning tribe a clue to the whereabouts of one of the three keys.


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