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Bum-Puzzled was the fourth episode of Survivor: One World.


Day 8

Heading back to camp, Manono member Michael expressed annoyance over his tribemates keeping the "weaker players" in while booting the stronger Matt.

Getting back from Tribal, it's a little upsetting because Matt went home tonight. These guys don't know what they are doing, most of those guys are weak, and they just want to keep the weak guys around. You have the old guy, you have the little guy, you have the gay guy who doesn't wanna work, they want to vote off the strong guys then they can continue to lose.

Michael Jefferson

Meanwhile, Tarzan and Troyzan strategized over the pecking order of the remaining members of the Muscle Alliance. Tarzan suggested letting Michael float for a few more rounds, but decided Bill should be the next to leave because he would be the most likely to flip a "misfit" over with his charm.

Day 9

On Salani, the women feasted on snails that they had caught for breakfast. Jonas and Troyzan went over to the Salani camp in an attempt to make a deal with them: If the women allow them to use the net, they will give them half of whatever amount of fish they caught. Chelsea then said she did not agree with feeding her enemy, but Jonas said he understood that but it would be easier for both tribes if they took up on the offer, but that he didn't care either way. Kim became frustrated with Jonas's constant replies of "I don't care".

I think Jonas is a real rude dude. I mean he made the offer with the net, then kept saying "I mean I don't care, I don't care, I don't care", but obviously he cares a lot.

Kim Spradlin

At the next Reward Challenge, the tribes were offered three items: comfort (pillows, blankets, and a mattress), a tarp, and a basket of donuts. In a close race, Manono only needed to hit 2 targets in the center column to make 5 in a row, while Salani only needed 1. Colton and Monica were the last two shooters. Colton missed and shot his coconut through an already-empty square, while Monica, with a little assistance from tribemate Alicia, managed to hit the final center square to win reward for Salani. Salani decided to choose the tarp, because they needed it the most over the comfort and donuts.

Meanwhile, on Manono, Bill and Leif sat on the beach and talked about wanting to find a Hidden Immunity Idol. Leif, however, accidentally slipped out the fact that Colton wanted Bill gone at the last Tribal Council, but Leif asked Bill not to say anything to Colton.

Ladies and gentleman, Bill Posley just got wowed. Turns out my name was way more on the chopping block than I thought it was at the last Tribal Council.

Bill Posley

Michael informed Colton that he saw Leif and Bill talking and it looked like they were having a good conversation. They asked Michael to tell Leif to come over. Leif confirmed to Colton that he told Bill he was next, and Colton informed him that he pretty much just sealed his fate in the game.

Day 11

At Salani, the women read the Tree Mail and figured that it would be pairs solving puzzles. Kat expressed interest in wanting to be paired up with someone who was good at puzzles, and said to fellow tribemate Alicia "You're not good at puzzles. Not that good, are you?" Alicia took offense to the question, believing that Kat was calling her stupid. Kat explained that she was not saying the person that was her partner last time was not smart enough to be her partner now, and Sabrina asked if that was how Alicia took it, to which Alicia replied that she did. Sabrina manages to resolve the issue between the two women.

At the Immunity Challenge, Manono managed to win in a blowout when Alicia and Chelsea struggled to complete the log puzzle, causing Manono to gain a huge advantage. Salani also had become increasingly frustrated with Tarzan, who kept calling the women "cheaters" due to them observing the puzzles that were completed by Manono. Christina called Alicia's attitude after the challenge "repulsive", but decided that she could use that to her advantage.

Meanwhile, on Salani, Alicia campaigned to the women that her and Chelsea are good at challenges. Sabrina, however, was increasingly frustrated with Alicia's behavior after the challenge, when she laughed their dismal performance off, which she viewed as rubbing salt into a wound. Sabrina suggested Alicia's name to Kim, but Kim said she doesn't think that Christina has contributed as much as Alicia.

Over on Manono, Bill attempted to talk to Colton in order to resolve the friction between the two men. Colton, however, informed Bill that he was still going home regardless and that he did not want to talk to him, which frustrated Bill. Bill called Colton a "stuck-up brat" and an argument ensued between the two men. Colton debated giving the girls immunity with Troyzan and Jonas so that Bill would leave. Jay was wary of the move, calling it a hasty decision. Troyzan explained to Tarzan that Leif spilled the beans about Bill leaving, and that Bill went crazy, and that Colton wants to give up immunity to the girls so that they can get rid of Bill. Troyzan, however, considered Leif a loose cannon. Tarzan told the Salani members that they are considering giving them immunity because they have a betrayal. The women found it to be entertaining.

Leif was scolded by Tarzan for betraying the alliance with all of the Manono members present, and Tarzan said that when they go to Tribal Council, Leif will be leaving. Tarzan informed Leif that he will be the first to go, regardless if he votes with the majority to go to Tribal Council or not because he cannot be trusted. The women continued to express glee over the men's fall-out.

The Manono tribe has absolutely lost their marbles. They're not a tribe, they're not working together, which is great, because if they do this, it gives the Salani tribe that big boost that we needed.

Kat Edorsson

Ultimately, the men followed through with their plan and gave up immunity to the women and hiked to Tribal Council. A visibly shocked Jeff Probst announced that in twenty-four seasons, he has never seen a tribe win immunity and show up at Tribal Council. Troyzan announced to Jeff that they gave up immunity because they wanted to vote Bill out, but Leif had betrayed everyone's trust and they decided as a group Leif should go. Colton said that the idea to give up immunity came about when Leif had told Bill about him being targeted, and also that he was the type of person to ignore someone if he didn't like them, and revealed that he had no respect for Bill. Colton said that Bill was obnoxious, loud, and that he is a "struggling" stand-up comedian, and he needed to get a "real" job. Bill said he loved Colton, but that they come from two different backgrounds, and that he has been on his own since he was 17, and his inconsistent gigs forced him to sleep on "other people's couches". Colton replied that he has no problem with Bill's race, but that he claims he does not associate with people that use a sympathy card. Colton also said that he considered stand-up comedy a legitimate profession but to have a back-up plan because you cannot live off the kindness of others. Bill, who was visibly offended and on the verge of tears, said that Colton has never had to work a day in his life or actually have to go out and get a job, and that when you pursue your dream, there are no back-up plans. Bill says that he does not judge Colton so Colton should not judge him, and he also says that he works with people and for no one. Tarzan soon speaks up and says that this debate has gone into social platitudes unfair to both Colton and Bill, but that Colton has been painted in the wrong light, as a rich kid who never lifted a finger. Tarzan soon rants that he is tired of people ranting about racists, and wants people to base opinions of people off of their merits and behavior, and nothing else. Ultimately, Colton got his wishes as Bill was unanimously voted out 7-1.


Challenge: Coco Connection
Using coconuts and a slingshot, tribe members must knock down wooden tiles from a grid. First team to knock down an entire row, column, or a diagonal wins reward.
Reward: A choice between a tarp, pillows and blankets, and a basket of donuts
Winner: Salani (chose tarp)

Challenge: Puzzle Relay
The tribes will be divided into pairs and cuffed together to race across a teeter totter to solve a puzzle and collect a key. Once three keys were collected, one castaway would use the keys to unlock three locks and raise their tribe's flag. The first tribe to raise their flag would win.
Winner: Manono (gave up immunity to Salani)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
S24 bill t.png
Bill (7 votes)
S24 colton t.pngS24 jay t.pngS24 jonas t.png
S24 leif t.pngS24 michael t.pngS24 tarzan t.pngS24 troyzan t.png
Colton, Jay, Jonas, Leif, Michael, Tarzan, Troyzan
S24 leif t.png
Leif (1 vote)
S24 bill t.png
S24 bill bw.png
Bill Posley

Voting Confessionals

Bill was shown writing Leif's name on the parchment.

S24 colton t.png

(voting against Bill) I don't like you. I'm never gonna like you, so please, take your broke ass home.

Final Words

S24 bill bw.png

My tribe is doing some very unorthodox things, but since I was probably next on the chopping block anyway, I came to Tribal Council to roll the dice. One day Colton will be put in a situation where he can't just not like someone because they're not people that he's used to or that he's grown up with. He judged me because of my differences, and I accept him because of his.

Still in the Running

S24 kourtney bw.png
S24 nina bw.png
S24 matt bw.png
S24 bill bw.png
S24 alicia t.png
S24 chelsea t.png
S24 christina t.png
S24 colton t.png
S24 jay t.png
S24 jonas t.png
S24 kat t.png
S24 kim t.png
S24 leif t.png
S24 michael t.png
S24 monica t.png
S24 sabrina t.png
S24 tarzan t.png
S24 troyzan t.png


Behind The Scenes


  • This is the second time a tribe that won the Immunity Challenge gave up safety and went to Tribal Council. The first instance was during Survivor: Fiji, where the Moto tribe was given a dilemma between immunity and their comfortable camp. But unlike Moto, Manono went to Tribal Council without a game-changing circumstance, meaning Salani should really have went to Tribal Council.
  • Bill claims that Manono's decision to send themselves to Tribal Council was actually invoking a new, undisclosed rule that if a tribe that won immunity still chooses to go to Tribal Council, they may do so, but this decision has to be unanimously decided by the tribe.[2]
  • Colton's fury over Bill actually stemmed when Bill threw Colton's Hidden Immunity Idol into the ocean. This is a direct violation to the Survivor Rulebook, because the idols are considered as personal items, thus they cannot be stolen. Leif told Colton about the incident, while production returned Colton's Idol to him.[3]
  • No Day 10 footage was shown.
  • The episode title is said by Jay right before reaching a consensus to give up tribal immunity to the Salani tribe and go to Tribal Council instead. According to a post made by Jay on his Twitter account, he had actually used the word bumfuzzled (a southern US slang meaning "to confuse" or "fluster"), rather than "bum-puzzled" as used for the episode title.[4]


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