A Buff is a staple item of clothing that contestants of Survivor wear to identify which tribe they are a member of for the audience. 

Buffs are tubular bandannas made from microfiber and can be worn in a variety of ways. The composition of the fabric used for the Buff allows the contestants to cool down in hot conditions and warm up in the cold (typically nighttime).

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Old Buff Logo (2000-2011)


New Buff Logo (2012-present)

Based on the motif of the season, the Buffs typically match and follow a particular design regardless of the installment. Each side of the Buff shows three logos with a strip down the crease with a local design (sharks, islands, fire, skulls, etc.).

Beginning from Survivor: Nicaragua, starting tribes began having their names on the material (with the exception of Survivor: Game Changers, Survivor: David vs. Goliath, and Survivor: Island of the Idols). Buffs used for merged tribes however do not feature a tribe name, as the tribe is named by the contestants themselves. From Survivor: Philippines onward, all subsequent Buffs possess the new Buff logo.

In-Game Use

Bb francesca 02

According to the Survivor Rulebook, contestants must have their Buffs on at all times unless otherwise directed. In the of a tribe switch or a merge, castaways are to dispose their old Buff and wear their new one.

While usually do not have in-game value, Buffs in Survivor: Redemption Island, Survivor: South Pacific and Survivor: Blood vs. Water were burned by castaways in a small fire pit as a symbol of their elimination from the game following their defeat on Redemption Island.

The Buff Brand

Buff is actually a brand of multi-functional headwear and also sells other protective equipment such as caps and gloves. Its headquarters is based in Spain.[1][2][3]



Unused Palau Merge Buff

A green camouflage Buff was supposed to be given for the merged tribe of Survivor: Palau but was not seen on the show due to Ulong's unprecedented losing streak and eventual dissolution. This Buff however became a rare collector's item among Survivor fans.

  • Survivor: Borneo is the only season to have "Survivor" logo in a different font than in future installments. This is probably due to the design being changed in post-production. The iconic font used in subsequent seasons is called "Survivant".
  • The women of the Pagong tribe are the first to wear the Buff as a top.
  • Colleen Haskell is the first female to be seen wearing the Buff as a skirt.
  • Reebok, who sponsored the series from Borneo to Survivor: Marquesas, used to have its logo on the Buff. Reissued Buffs from the said seasons no longer sport the Reebok logo.
  • The Marquesas Buffs have two variants of the season logo, where the Survivor logo is either written in black or white.
  • A green Survivor: Palau Buff was produced and intended to be used by the merged tribe, but was never used in-show due to Ulong's decimation. This Buff was still commercially sold, however.
  • In Survivor: Gabon, contestant Bob Crowley introduced a new way of wearing a Buff: a bow tie.[4] He is the only person thus far to sport a Buff this way.
  • Randy Bailey is the first contestant to throw his Buff in the fire after being voted out.
  • Francesca Hogi is the first contestant to throw her Buff in the fire at Redemption Island.
  • Due to being mentors, Sandra Diaz-Twine and Rob Mariano wore the merge buffs from their winning seasons on Survivor: Island of the Idols.


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