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A Buff is a staple item of clothing that contestants of Survivor wear to identify which tribe they are a member of for the audience. 

Buffs are tubular bandannas made from microfiber and can be worn in a variety of ways. The composition of the fabric used for the Buff allows the contestants to cool down in hot conditions and warm up in the cold (typically nighttime).

Replica Buffs can be purchased from

From 2009 to 2020, was the official website to purchase Buff replicas, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have opted out of selling Buffs from the Survivor franchise.[1]


Old Buff Logo (2000-2011)

New Buff Logo (2012-present)

Based on the motif of the season, the Buffs typically match and follow a particular design regardless of the installment. Each side of the Buff shows three logos with a strip down the crease with a local design (sharks, islands, fire, skulls, etc.).

From Nicaragua to Edge of Extinction, starting tribes began having their names on the material (with the exception of Game Changers and David vs. Goliath). Buffs used for merged tribes have never featured a tribe name, as the tribe is named by the contestants themselves. In addition, from Philippines onwards, all Buffs possess the new Buff logo.

In-Game Use

Bb francesca 02.jpg

According to the Survivor Rulebook, contestants must have their Buffs on at all times unless otherwise directed. In the event of a tribe switch or a merge, castaways are to dispose of their old Buff and wear their new one.

While they usually do not have in-game value, Buffs in Redemption Island, South Pacific, and Blood vs. Water were burned by castaways in a small fire pit as a symbol of their elimination from the game following their defeat on Redemption Island.

In Island of the Idols, at the final five, the Lumuwaku tribe moved from their camp to the Island of the Idols, where they retired their blue merge Buffs in favor of new Buffs, black ones with blue accents. Tommy Sheehan discovered that these new Buffs contained a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol, which was then found by Dean Kowalski.

The Buff Brand

Buff is a brand of multi-functional headwear and also sells other protective equipment such as caps and gloves. Its headquarters is based in Spain.[2][3][4]


Unused Buffs

Not counting the commemorative Buffs issued over the years, there were Buffs that were supposed to be used in the game but were shelved mostly for unknown reasons. While never seen on the show, these Buffs are considered rare and are widely sought after by Survivor fans.

  • A green Palau Buff was produced and intended to be used by the merged tribe, but was never used in-show due to the Ulong tribe's decimation. This Buff was still commercially sold during the season, however.
  • A light gray variation of the Redemption Island Murlonio Buff was supposed to be issued to players residing on Redemption Island.
  • A green Island of the Idols Buff with a frog emblem.
  • A set of Buffs for Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island was supposed to be used for the season, but due to the change of filming location from the Philippines to South Africa, the tribes were renamed according to the local language, though the tribe colors and emblems from the original release remained.


A custom Buff designed and sold by the cast of Millennials vs. Gen X to support Sunday's battle with cancer.

  • Borneo is the only season to have the Survivor logo in a different font than in future installments. This is probably due to the logo design being changed in post-production. The iconic font used in subsequent seasons is called "Survivant".
  • Prior to filming, at least 20 units of Buffs for each tribe are produced. Additional Buffs may be produced in cases of tribe switches, merges, or in rare cases, eliminated players returning to the game via The Outcasts twist, Redemption Island, or Edge of Extinction.
  • The women of the Pagong tribe are the first to wear the Buff as a top.
  • Colleen Haskell is the first woman to be seen wearing the Buff as a skirt.
  • Millennials vs. Gen X cast members Bret LaBelle, Chris Hammons, Hannah Shapiro, and Zeke Smith designed and sold custom Buffs, the proceeds of which supported Sunday Burquest's battle with esophageal and ovarian cancer.[6][7]
  • Reebok, who sponsored the series from Borneo to Marquesas, used to have its logo on the Buff. Reissued Buffs from the said seasons no longer bear the Reebok logo.
  • The Marquesas Buffs have two variants of the season logo, where the Survivor logo is either written in black or white.
  • In Gabon, contestant Bob Crowley introduced the bow tie as a new way of wearing a Buff.[8] He is the only person thus far to sport a Buff this way.
  • Randy Bailey is the first contestant to throw his Buff in the fire after being voted out in Heroes vs. Villains.
  • In Redemption Island, there was supposed to be a separate gray Buff worn by the inhabitants of Redemption Island but it was never used. Instead, the castaways retained their original Buffs.[9]
  • Francesca Hogi is the first contestant to throw her Buff in the fire at Redemption Island.
  • In Blood vs. Water, Colton Cumbie was the only person to depart from Redemption Island with his Buff after quitting the game; host Jeff Probst told him that only those who compete (and thus, lose, a duel) were allowed to throw their Buffs in the fire.
  • Due to being mentors, Sandra Diaz-Twine and Rob Mariano wore the merge Buffs from their winning seasons on Island of the Idols.
    • Coincidentally, all three of those Buffs were black.
    • In continuation with this theme, the Island of the Idols merge Buff, which was originally blue, was swapped out on Day 37 with a dark grey Buff with blue accents, marking the first time Buffs were swapped after the merge. This new Buff served as a clue to the final Hidden Immunity Idol of the season.


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