Brigitte Willers is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Panama.


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People underestimate me.

Age: 24
Star sign: Sagittarius
Residence: Auckland Park, Johannesburg
Occupation: Sports Model
24-year old Auckland Park resident Brigitte is an FHM model, high jumper and hot prospect who describes herself as 'spontaneous, down-to-earth, sincere and a tomboy.'
What you should know about her: Brigitte was named the FHM Model of the Year in 2005; earlier this year FHM readers voted her the 56th sexiest woman in the world.
Describes herself as: Spontaneous, down-to-earth, sincere and a tomboy.
Worst qualities: 'I get irritable in a flash.'
What would you want to take to the island? Shampoo and conditioner.
Why will you win Survivor? "People underestimate me. Models get stereotyped as being stupid and knowing better will give me the upper hand, and physically I'm stronger, they won't expect it."
What did you think would make your entry unique? 'My entry was unique because I didn't try... I also had my modelling pictures for FHM.'
Why do you think you were chosen to be a Survivor? '[It's] not a good thing to have a bunch of chess-playing nerds on the island.'
What is your winning strategy for staying on the island? 'My fear is that girls don't generally like me... Girls find me intimidating ‧ I've heard from a number of people. They see me as a threat ‧ not sure if it's physical or mental, but it must be mental because I'm very clever.'
What if someone physically threatened you? 'I'll threaten them back - I'm no barfighter but I'm capable of looking after myself.'[2]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Brigitte's Voting History
Episode Brigitte's
Voted Against
1 Aguila Tribe Immune
2 Vanessa -
3 No Elimination1
4 Aguila Tribe Immune
5 Aguila Tribe Immune
6 Mzi -
7 Nico Nico
8 Lezel Gareth, Jacinda,
Lezel, Zayn
Voted Out, Day 19
9 On Dead Man's Island
Eliminated, Day 25
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In Episode 3, despite Jude's quit, Aguila still attended Tribal Council. The person who received the most votes would receive one vote at their next Tribal Council. Brigitte did not receive enough votes to attain this status.



  • Brigitte is the youngest castaway on Panama.


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