Brianna Varela is a contestant from Survivor: Guatemala.

Despite her attempts to get tribemate Lydia Morales voted out, her challenge weakness and inability to survive in the outdoors caused her tribe to see Lydia as a bigger asset, thus keeping her over Brianna.


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Born in Olympia, Washington, and raised in Shelton, Washington, Brianna Varela is the oldest of three siblings. At three years old, she began taking jazz, tap and ballet classes. At ten years old, she moved to Edmonds, where she attended Chase Lake Elementary School and, eventually, Edmonds Woodway High School. In tenth and eleventh grade, Varela was a part of the school dance team and competed throughout the state. In her senior year, she became a cheerleader and joined Young Life, the Christian youth club.

After high school, Varela moved to San Diego, California, to experience something new. She became interested in cosmetics and, sixth months later, returned to Edmonds where she currently works as a make-up artist at an upscale department store.

A lover of physical activity, Varela runs and bikes regularly. Her favorite spectator sport is basketball. Her favorite hobbies include dancing, writing, reading and hiking. Describing herself as witty, deceitful and helpful, Varela believes her creative cooking skills and ability to use a Hawaiian sling will help her be a useful member of her tribe. She's hoping for a challenge that will take her to a cliff, as heights thrill her. Jumping off a waterfall would not faze her in the least. In playing the game, Varela hopes to just be herself, but she can also be very sly and is a good pretender. Her motivation for being on the show is purely for the challenge and to test her own self willingness.

Varela is currently single and living in Edmonds, Washington, with her cat, Kitty, and a long-haired Chihuahua named Bella Varela. Her birth date is October 29, 1983.[1]


Brianna was placed on the Yaxhá tribe. Upon learning that Stephenie LaGrossa would be joining her tribe, she cried tears of joy. The first challenge was an eleven-mile hike to the better of the two camps. Despite their best efforts, Yaxhá lost the challenge, flint, and the right to the better camp. Yaxhá had high spirits, disregarding their loss. Because of their spirit and Nakúm's men weakened by dehydration, Yaxhá won the first Immunity Challenge. Unfortunately, Nakúm made a comeback and won the next two challenges. At Yaxhá's first Tribal Council, Brianna was persuaded by Brian Corridan to vote out the unproductive Morgan McDevitt over the physically weak Lydia Morales.

Yaxhá lost the next Reward Challenge due to conflict while building the tent. Feeling vulnerable, Brianna decided to increase her work ethic at camp. However, Yaxhá lost the Immunity Challenge because Lydia stumbled with the ball and Brianna hesitated to move to get open. Jamie Newton was angered by Brianna's mistake, having made it after Lydia. Meanwhile, Brianna tried to lobby for the elimination of the person who she bonded with the least, which was Lydia. Her efforts were futile as she was deemed the weakest and was unanimously voted out.

Voting History

Brianna's Voting History
Episode Brianna's
Voted Against
1 Yaxhá Tribe Immune
2 Morgan -
3 Lydia Amy, Brian, Gary, Jamie,
Lydia, Rafe, Stephenie
Voted Out, Day 8


  • She has been married and opened a bar with her husband in Seattle named Sam's Tavern.[2]


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