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Brandon Bellinger is a contestant from Survivor: Guatemala.

Most notable for his kind and caring personality, Brandon was the only male member of his tribe not affected by the hike on the first day. After being switched to Yaxhá, Brandon was left with little close allies left in the game, and was eliminated at the merge.


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Brandon Bellinger was born and raised on a farm in Manhattan, Kansas, where he attended Rock Creek High School. In the summer of 2004, he went to Montana for five months and worked as a wildland firefighter for the Sula Ranger District in the Bitteroot National Forest. He currently works as a farmer and rancher.

In his spare time, Bellinger enjoys mudding with his 4x4, increasing his physical ability and any activities that "get your blood pumping." He describes himself as outgoing and fearless. The accomplishment he is most proud of is climbing to the top of a radio tower, which he describes as a ladder that goes 1000 feet in the air, in order to conquer his fear of heights. His future plans include traveling the world.

Bellinger continues to reside in Manhattan, Kansas. His birth date is January 22, 1983.[1]


Brandon was initially a member of the Nakúm tribe. The tribes were forced to embark on a trek to determine who would get the better camp site. Nakúm won, but it was a close race, and it left all of the men of the tribe besides Brandon weakened and sick, causing them to lose the first Immunity Challenge. Brandon joined his teammates in unanimously ousting the tribe's eldest member, Jim Lynch. The tribe then went on a winning streak, winning the next four consecutive challenges. It was during this time that Brandon became part of the five-member majority alliance of the tribe, along with Bobby Jon Drinkard, Brooke Struck, Danni Boatwright, and Margaret Bobonich.

On Day 9, a tribal shuffle placed Brandon on the Yaxhá tribe, but he was fortunate enough to be part of an old Nakúm majority on the tribe, with the former Nakúm members outnumbering the original Yaxhás, 4-3. His new tribe won the next immunity and Reward Challenges, but lost the following Immunity Challenge. Rather than make the most out of the old Nakúm majority, Brian Corridan convinced Bobby Jon and Danni to vote out fellow ex-Nakúm Blake Towsley. Brandon did not join them for this vote; he voted for Brian, along with a blindsided Blake. A double-Tribal Council twist forced both tribes to attend Tribal Council, and this time, Brian was unanimously voted out. Yaxhá won the next Reward Challenge, but lost the Immunity Challenge, unanimously voting out Amy O'Hara.

Right after O'Hara's exit, they were handed new buffs and instructed them to head over to Nakúm's camp, as the tribes had merged. Yaxhá was not welcomed with open arms, particularly by Jamie Newton, who made it clear that Nakúm would be eliminating them at the following Tribal Councils. Tree Mail informed the group (which called themselves Xhakúm) that a miniature Immunity Idol was hidden in the Guatemalan jungles, that would grant its owner immunity at any Tribal Council of their choosing up to Day 37. Realizing that he was a target, Brandon searched desperately for the idol, but with no luck. Gary Hogeboom narrowly won the first individual Immunity Challenge, where the players had an opportunity to compete for immunity or feast. Sitting on the sidelines eating, Jamie aggravated the competitors by mocking Bobby Jon. Even Jamie's fellow old Nakúm tribemates were annoyed by his actions, and Rafe Judkins and Cindy Hall both expressed that they'd rather keep Brandon around over Jamie. At Tribal Council, Brandon could not come up with the Hidden Immunity Idol when asked, and voting proceeded as normal, with only Gary immune. Despite Rafe and Cindy's concerns, they stuck with their Nakúm majority, and Brandon was voted off 6-4.

Voting History

Brandon's Voting History
Episode Brandon's
Voted Against
1 Jim -
2 Nakúm Tribe Immune
3 Nakúm Tribe Immune
4 Yaxhá Tribe Immune
5 Brian -
6 Brian -
7 Amy -
8 Jamie Cindy, Jamie, Judd,
Lydia, Rafe, Stephenie
Voted Out, Day 21


  • In 2006, Bellinger was named as one of "America's Hottest Bachelors" by People Magazine.[2]


  • Brandon is the youngest member of Nakúm.


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