Bow Diddley (also known as Hard to Handle and Bo Diddley) is a recurring endurance challenge that debuted in Survivor: South Pacific, and has since reappeared in Cagayan, Cambodia, Millennials vs. Gen X, and Edge of Extinction.


Castaways must stand on an angled balance beam while balancing a ball. At regular intervals, they would move further down the beam, making it harder to keep steady. The last person standing wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: South Pacific, where the dominating Upolu Alliance chose to sit out the challenge and let the remaining Savaii members (minus John Cochran) battle it out. Ultimately, Whitney Duncan beat Dawn Meehan in a close challenge to win immunity.

In Survivor: Cagayan, the challenge was used for the final eight Immunity Challenge. After 20 minutes, it came down to Jeremiah Wood, Spencer Bledsoe, Tasha Fox, and Woo Hwang. Jeremiah was first to drop out. After 10 more minutes, Woo lost his balance and Spencer shortly followed, leaving Tasha as the individual immunity victor.

In Survivor: Cambodia, this challenge was used as the first post-merge Immunity Challenge. At the end, it came down to Spencer Bledsoe and Joe Anglim with Spencer losing his balance, giving Joe the win.

The original version of the challenge was used again in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, where Will Wahl and Zeke Smith decided to sit out for sandwiches, chips, soft drinks, and beer (though Will was prohibited from drinking beer due to being 18 at the time). In the end, the challenge came down to Ken McNickle and Taylor Stocker, with the former winning immunity.

In Survivor: Edge of Extinction the challenge appeared as the final eleven Immunity Challenge. After a close challenge between Gavin Whitson and David Wright, David dropped out, meaning Gavin won immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
South Pacific
"Cut Throat"
Individual Immunity S23 whitney t
Whitney Duncan
"Sitting in My Spy Shack"
Individual Immunity S28 tasha t
Tasha Fox
"Play to Win"
Individual Immunity S31 joe t
Joe Anglim
Millennials vs. Gen X
"Still Throwin' Punches"
Individual Immunity S33 ken t
Ken McNickle
Edge of Extinction
"Y'all Making Me Crazy"
Individual Immunity S38 gavin t
Gavin Whitson




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