Boulder Smash (also known as Chinese Checkers and Bog Roll) is a recurring Reward Challenge of Survivor.


Each tribe has members on opposite sides of a giant ball. Both teams push the ball and try to get it past their own goal line. The first tribe to make three goals wins.


In Survivor: Guatemala, each tribe has two members on opposite sides of a giant ball. Both teams push the ball and try to get it past their own goal line. The first tribe to make three goals wins reward and a shot at individual immunity. Nakúm defeated Yaxhá 3-2 to win their second challenge in a row.

In Survivor: China, in a series of 3-on-3 matches, each team has to push their large ball across a muddy field into their opponents' goal, while preventing the opponents from doing the same. The first team to score 2 goals wins a reward of fishing gear and a fishing boat. In the first round, Amanda Kimmel, Denise Martin, and Aaron Reisberger of Fei Long raced out into the mud to battle Jaime Dugan, Sherea Lloyd, and Erik Huffman of Zhan Hu. Both sides choked and wrestled each other to gain possession of the wooden balls, and Sherea pulled Amanda's top down, unbeknownst to her. Despite the clothing malfunction, which exposed her breasts, Amanda maneuvered the giant ball across the line and scored the first point for Fei Long. In the next round, Ashley Massaro, Frosti Zernow, and Dave Cruser of Zhan Hu took on Jean-Robert Bellande, James Clement, and Leslie Nease of Fei Long. Calling on her professional wrestling skills, Ashley attempted to grapple with the heavier Jean-Robert. Jean-Robert dragged Ashley along behind him and took out Frosti, leaving James free and clear to score the winning point for Fei Long.

In Survivor: Philippines, facing off three on three, the tribes would try to push a large wood ball across a mud field to their goal. The tribe would score a point for pushing the ball to the goal. The first tribe to score three points would win a trip to a picnic with sandwiches, soup, potato chips, brownies, and letters from home. In the first round, Michael Skupin, Pete Yurkowski, and Lisa Whelchel of Tandang faced off against Jonathan Penner, Carter Williams, and Denise Stapley of Kalabaw. The six fought to a standstill for over an hour when Jonathan proposed a deal: Kalabaw would give up all of their remaining rice in exchange for winning reward. Jonathan told his tribe that the deal was okay because he promised that he could catch fish. Michael persuaded his tribe to hear out Jonathan's proposal and after some discussion, Tandang agreed to the deal.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble"
Tribal Reward S11 cindy tS11 jamie tS11 judd t
S11 lydia tS11 margaret tS11 rafe tS11 stephenie t
"My Mom Is Going to Kill Me!"
Tribal Reward S15 aaron tS15 amanda tS15 courtney tS15 denise t
S15 james tS15 jeanrobert tS15 leslie tS15 todd t
Fei Long
"Down and Dirty"
Tribal Reward S25 carter tS25 denise t
S25 katie tS25 jeff tS25 jonathan t




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