The Boran Alliance was an alliance from Survivor: Africa. It was the dominant alliance of the Boran tribe, and after the Tribe Switch the Samburu tribe, and was also the majority alliance of the Moto Maji tribe.


The Merge

The tribes Boran and Samburu merged on Day 20, with the original Boran members at a 6-4 numbers advantage. At the first Individual Immunity Challenge, Teresa Cooper won immunity. At Tribal Council, the Boran Alliance sided with the ex-Samburu members to vote out the biggest physical threat - Clarence Black. Clarence was voted out in a 8-2 vote.

Lex Fumes

After the last Tribal Council, Lex was angry and shocked at the two votes against him. He only expected to get one vote from Clarence, so when the second vote against him came in, he was rudely surprised. At camp, Lex questioned everybody but received no answer about who voted for him. Lex mistakenly accused Kelly Goldsmith of casting the rogue vote against him and gathered his alliance members to vote her out.

The real culprit, Teresa, felt bad that Kelly was getting blamed but was unwilling to admit that she was the one who voted for Lex for fear of elimination. After Kelly found out she was being targeted she sided with the former Samburu members to oust Lex. At Tribal Council, Brandon joined the Boran members in voting out Kelly, feeling that he could not trust the Samburu members Teresa and Frank. Kelly was voted out in a harrowing 5-4 vote, making her the first member of the jury.

Loyalties Questioned

Annihilating Samburu

Turning on Each Other


  • Clarence Black is the only member of Boran to make the merge and not be a part of this alliance.
  • Kelly is the only member of the alliance to not outlast a member of the original Samburu tribe.



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