Bonnie Henna is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Maldives.


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Age: 31
Hometown: Cape Town
Occupation: Actress

Discovered at a bus stop at the age of 13, Bonnie has starred in films like 'Invictus', 'Drum' and 'Catch A Fire', as well as TV series like Soul City. She is the nurturing type; emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong with a positive outlook, but will this good girl become a threat to the others?


Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Bonnie's Voting History
Episode Bonnie's
Voted Against
1 Raituhn Tribe Immune
2 Raituhn Tribe Immune
3 Harry -
4 Tasleem Tasleem
5 Harry Black Cowrie1
6 Raituhn Tribe Immune
7 Malusi Black Cowrie1
8 Simon -
9 Malusi Alison, Sean
10 Tejan -
11 Sean -
12 Alison -
13 MXO Individual Immunity
Ineligible Letshego
Voted Out, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In Episode 4, Tasleem was voted off, she selected Bonnie to receive the Black Cowrie. The person holding the Black Cowrie at Tribal Council would automatically have one vote against them.




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