Boats, Brains & Brawn (also known as Rove, Rove, Rove Your Boat and Kenny Log-Ins) is a recurring physical challenge on Survivor.


Tribes would paddle a boat out into the water and around a flag before collecting a series of items, either crates or oars, in a zigzag path going back to shore.  Once all the items are collected, they would be used to solve a puzzle. The first tribe to finish the puzzle wins.


The challenge debuted in Blood vs. Water. Paddling out to retrieve puzzle crates, the tribes would have to dive down underwater to release the boxes. Once all crates were retrieved and brought back to shore, the tribes would stack the crates into a staircase with Blood vs. Water properly aligned along the sides. Then, two members of each tribe would solve a puzzle giving them the combination to retrieve the correct key. The first tribe to run to the top of the tower, unlock and pull a lever, releasing the tribe flag, would win the challenge. Galang won their fourth Immunity Challenge in a row, beating Tadhana in a close race.

The challenge returned in Cagayan as a post-merge Reward Challenge where the teams had to go out in a boat to retrieve paddles with letters on them. The first team to come back with all the paddles and use them to figure a common Survivor phrase ("Worth playing for") would win. In a back-and-forth race, the purple team of Jefra Bland, Jeremiah Wood, Spencer Bledsoe, and Tasha Fox were able to beat the orange team to enjoy a picnic lunch.

The challenge appeared yet again in Cambodia, again as a Reward Challenge shortly after the merge. The teams were to set off in boats to collect four separate colored crates which would be used to complete a puzzle similar to Sea Crates. Ultimately, the green team consisting of Ciera Eastin, Joe Anglim, Keith Nale, Kelley Wentworth, Kelly Wiglesworth, and Kimmi Kappenberg won the trip to the Survivor cafe.

The challenge once again returned in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, this time with the initial paddling out portion removed as the teams started in the water. Teams collected three bags of logs along the way before using the logs to push out puzzle pieces from a chute. The first team to solve the puzzle spelling out Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers would win. The more physical blue team of Ashley Nolan, Ben Driebergen, Devon Pinto, and Joe Mena took an early lead and maintained it until the end, winning a trip to a Survivor spa and a feast


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Blood vs. Water
"One Armed Dude and Three Moms"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S27 aras tS27 gervase tS27 kat tS27 laurab t
S27 lauram tS27 monica tS27 tina tS27 tyson t
"Sitting in My Spy Shack"
Team Reward S28 jefra tS28 jeremiah tS28 spencer tS28 tasha t
Jefra, Jeremiah, Spencer, & Tasha
"You Call, We'll Haul"
Team Reward S31 ciera tS31 joe tS31 keith t
S31 kelley tS31 kelly tS31 kimmi t
Ciera, Joe, Keith, Kelley, Kelly, & Kimmi
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
"Buy One, Get One Free"
Team Reward S35 ashley tS35 ben tS35 devon tS35 joe t
Ashley, Ben, Devon, & Joe



  • Ciera Eastin, Spencer Bledsoe, and Tasha Fox have each competed in this challenge twice and have each won once.
    • Both times that Spencer and Tasha competed, they were on the same team.


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