Blue Lagoon Bustle is a recurring challenge on Survivor.


Contestants must race out into the water and swim through an obstacle course to retrieve puzzle pieces. At the shore, the remaining players from each tribe then solve their tribe's puzzle in the form of a captain's wheel. The first tribe to extend the flag using the wheel wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Blood vs. Water, where despite being held back by Gervase at the swimming portion of the challenge, the Galang tribe managed to win after Tina, Monica, and Laura solved the puzzle quicker than Tadhana.

This challenge reappeared as the first Immunity Challenge in Survivor: Game Changers. Nuku won after Cirie and Zeke solved the puzzle.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Blood vs. Water
"Blood Is Thicker than Anything"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S27 aras tS27 colton tS27 gervase t
S27 kat tS27 laurab tS27 lauram t
S27 monica tS27 tina tS27 tyson t
Game Changers
"The Stakes Have Been Raised"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S34 andrea tS34 brad tS34 cirie t
S34 debbie tS34 jt tS34 ozzy tS34 sarah t
S34 sierra tS34 tai tS34 zeke t



  • Brad Culpepper and Ciera Eastin are the only players to have participated in this challenge twice.
    • Brad has won once while Ciera lost both times. Ciera worked on the puzzle both times.
  • In both seasons this challenge was used, it was used as the first Immunity Challenge.


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