It's like the Black Widow Brigade. Like, all the girls are coming together and we're spinning the guys around as much as we can. Just spinning them and spinning them until they don't know which way is up. And then we're devouring them one at a time.

Parvati Shallow

The Black Widow Brigade was the dominant alliance in the Dabu tribe during Survivor: Micronesia.

Comprised entirely of women, including three of the most popular women to ever play the game, the Brigade used less than ethical tactics by giving the men of the competition the opportunity to stay longer if they voted with the group - only to have the intended target blindsided.


Parvati's Fear

Before the tribe switch, Amanda Kimmel, Cirie Fields, and Parvati Shallow already had a pre-existing alliance. When Parvati was separated from the other two during the switch, not feeling safe, she saw that the fans Alexis Jones and Natalie Bolton were tight, and made an alliance with them with the assurance that Amanda will join them when the merge comes. Amanda had second thoughts about Parvati putting her in an alliance without being there but was promised that she was not going to be out of the loop.

Stirring the Pot

At the merge, this alliance and the Malakal Couples Alliance joined together into voting out Eliza Orlins in a 8-2 vote.

After Eliza's elimination, Cirie officially joined the alliance and convinced the girls to vote out Ozzy for being a threat and possibly possessing an Hidden Immunity Idol. After Jason Siska lost the Immunity Challenge, the alliance convinced him to vote with them to vote out Ozzy. Later that night at Tribal Council, the girls successfully blindsided Ozzy in a 5-4 vote. Afterwards, the alliance was officially named after the ousting of him by Parvati during a confessional, though Amanda did not vote with the group. Amanda eventually joined the alliance after Ozzy's blindside.

With Ozzy gone and Amanda joining the alliance despite some skepticism, Jason became the Black Widow Brigade's next victim as they disliked him and thought of him to be a huge threat. Thanks to Erik's win at the Immunity Challenge, the alliance managed to split the vote between Jason and James Clement at Tribal and after getting Erik Reichenbach to vote with them, Jason was successfully blindsided in a 4-3-1 vote when he didn't think he needed to play the idol.

Turning on Each Other

After James' medical evacuation and Erik managing to win immunity on Day 33, the ladies had to turn on each other. Alexis and Natalie convinced Erik to vote with them against their intended target Amanda. Amanda knew of this and tried to get Erik to flip back on her side because she saved him before the merge but he refused. Cirie soon joined the threesome in voting her out. After her stay at Exile Island, Amanda successfully found the Hidden Immunity Idol at camp and immediately informed Parvati. At Tribal Council, Amanda used the idol and negated four votes against her. Alexis was then blindsided with two votes from Amanda and Parvati, and became the only female eliminated before Erik in the alliance.

Erik's Mistake

Erik won immunity for the third straight time and the alliance had to turn on each other again. Natalie was set to go next, but Cirie came up with a plan for Natalie to manipulate Erik into giving her immunity by making him feel safe. Throughout Day 36, the alliance manipulated Erik. Natalie assured Erik and hoped to see him help a fellow Fan, and Amanda persistently guilt-tripped Erik. Eventually, at Tribal Council he gave her the necklace, surprising everyone. While Jeff read the votes, Erik realized his mistake and was successfully blindsided by the alliance in a unanimous vote.

The End

With no other male players remaining in the game, the alliance turned on itself again. Natalie went first as Parvati could not force a tie because of her deal with Amanda and Cirie to reach the Final Three together. The remaining women were then shocked to know that this season would be decided by a Final Two Final Tribal Council instead of a Final Three. Amanda narrowly won the Final Immunity Challenge in a showdown over Cirie. Cirie was worried that Amanda would choose Parvati because they were closer to each other than she was with Amanda. These fears became realized as Cirie was voted out by an emotional Amanda for being a threat with the jury.

Final Tribal Council

At the Reunion Show, Parvati was deemed the winner of Survivor: Micronesia in a 5-3 vote, defeating Amanda. Parvati received every available jury vote from the Black Widow Brigade.




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