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Virgilio "Billy" Garcia is a contestant from Survivor: Cook Islands.

Billy is known for 'falling in love' with fellow cast member Candice Woodcock when Candice mouthed "we (referring to her tribe, Rarotonga) love you" to Billy after Aitutaki lost the second Immunity Challenge. He was voted out that Tribal Council for being a challenge liability.


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Virgilio "Billy" Garcia was born in New York and moved to Miami when he was seven years old. He began studying karate, judo and wrestling at age 12. While lying sick in bed when he was 15, he heard the song "Juke Box Hero" on the radio and began to entertain the idea of becoming a rock and roll musician. He saved his lunch money and eventually bought his first electric guitar.

When he was 22 years old, Garcia sold most of his belongings and returned to New York to pursue a career in music. While playing in several local bands, Garcia was also pursuing a career in wrestling and, in 1997, won a silver medal at the Amateur Athletic Union Wrestling National Championships.

Garcia is currently a heavy metal guitarist and songwriter with the band Forsakken. He also continues to pursue professional wrestling under the name "Spanish Fly." He previously worked as a manager of a video store, a club bouncer and a music store sales representative. He attended the Borough of Manhattan Community College. He is a former U.S. Marine.

Garcia is trained in the martial arts. His hobbies include playing guitar, wrestling, karate, softball and judo. He is most proud of winning his AAU National Championship medal. His hero is Kurt Angle for winning an Olympic gold medal in wrestling with a broken neck.

Garcia currently resides in New York. His birth date is April 22, 1970.


During his time as an Aitutaki member, Billy made an alliance with J.P. Calderon and Ozzy Lusth, and then made another with Cecilia Mansilla and Cristina Coria, which backfired after the two sides compared notes. This made the tribe believe that Billy was not committed to sticking with the team over the long haul, particularly J.P. and Ozzy. Despite Billy slowing the tribe down, Aitutaki managed to place second in the inaugural Immunity Challenge, winning flint and keeping them safe from Tribal Council.

One night, while Billy was asleep, Ozzy proposed a plan to the rest of his tribe: the clearly physically stronger Aitutaki would throw the Immunity Challenge in order to get rid of Billy. While J.P. was on board immediately, Cecilia and Cristina agreed to do so rather reluctantly. As J.P. sat out, Ozzy would go on to throw the challenge in full view of the tribes who finished ahead of them. After the loss, Candice Woodcock noticed how depressed Billy appeared to be, and tried to cheer him up by telling him that they (the Rarotonga tribe) loved him. However, Billy misinterpreted this as her being in love with him. Back at camp, aware of his position in the game, Billy played to Cristina's morals, telling her that he knew about the thrown challenge and the plan to vote him out. He then told Cristina that he hopes the tribe will not throw a challenge to vote her out too. This seemed to work on her, because she attempted to sway Cecilia to vote against Ozzy, possibly giving Billy another chance in the game. At Tribal Council, things got very heated between Billy and J.P., giving Ozzy the opportunity to keep the women from flipping their votes. Billy announced his love for Candice, shocking everyone, including host Jeff Probst. Ozzy's plan worked as Billy was voted out 4-1.

Voting History

Episode Billy's
Voted Against
1 Aitutaki Tribe Immune
2 Ozzy Cecilia, Cristina,
J.P., Ozzy
Voted Out, Day 6


  • Since his time on Cook Islands, Billy has been in several full-length feature films including Reality Horror Night in 2009,[1] Candy's Room: Soleil Noir in October 2009,[2] and The Infernal Room, which he also directed.[3]
  • Billy appears at most of the Charity Events/Reality Events around the country. He continues to perform concerts with his band Forsakken. He also continues his wrestling career having wrestled fellow Survivor alums Pearl Islands and Micronesia castaway Jon Dalton in a hardcore match and Fiji castaway Mookie Lee at one of the last shows of the legendary wrestling promotion American Wrestling Association (AWA).
  • Billy was made a Kentucky Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky for his charity work with Kentuckiana, a black belt in multiple martial arts, and a Free Mason by Mariners 67.
  • Billy made an appearance on the web series Reality Gamemasters in 2013. Reality Gamemasters was executive produced by Rob Cesternino of The Amazon and All-Stars.
  • On January 9, 2010, Billy attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • In 2013, Billy appeared in the documentary The 16th Minute along with Borneo and All-Stars castaway Richard Hatch and several other reality show contestants.[4]


  • Billy is the oldest member of the original Aitutaki tribe.
  • Billy was nominated for the "Best second boot" in Survivor Oz's The Ozcars.
  • According to his Reddit AMA, Billy auditioned at an open casting call and got in on the first try.[5]


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