Bertrand Bolle is the Sole Survivor of Koh-Lanta: La Revanche des Héros. He originally competed in Koh-Lanta: Caramoan.


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  • Prénom: Bertrand
  • Age: 32 ans
  • Profession: Pilote d'hélicoptère
  • Ville: Seine (75)
  • Equipe: Tayak
  • ZONE CV: Bertrand a tout de l'aventurier taillé pour Koh-Lanta. Pilote d'hélicoptère, il est toujours à la recherche de sensations fortes. Aussi à l'aise dans l'eau que dans les airs, ce solide gaillard semble prêt à vivre de grandes aventures sur l'île de Caramoan. Son autorité naturelle de militaire sera-t-elle acceptée par la tribu?

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  • Koh-Lanta 8 - Caramoan - Philippines (2008)
    Nombre de jours: 40/40

    Meneur d'hommes parfois trop impulsif, Bertrand a compris qu'il devait être plus à l'écoute de ses partenaires. Il reste fonceur et compétiteur. Son ambition est encore plus grande qu'en 2008, aux Philippines.
  • Quels souvenirs gardez-vous de votre première participation à Koh-Lanta? La beauté de l'île... Après le naufrage, quand nous sommes arrivés à terre, j'ai découvert un splendide lac d'eau chaude. J'ai été totalement subjugué par la beauté des paysages. A contrario, je garde un mauvais souvenir du Conseil final. Je ne m'attendais pas à essuyer autant de critiques et de reproches de la part des mes camarades d'aventure!
  • Quel a été votre plus grand regret lors de cette aventure? Et votre plus grande fierté? Dès le départ et tout au long de l'aventure, j'étais dans un état d'esprit guerrier. La compétition ne m'a parfois pas laissé le temps de découvrir les autres concurrents. Mais je suis fier d'avoir résisté à l'envie de gagner à tout prix et d'avoir laissé ainsi 2 amies passer une nuit inoubliable dans un hôtel de luxe.
  • Pourquoi avoir choisi de revenir en découdre dans cette Revanche des Héros? J'ai vraiment été blessé par certaines critiques. J'ai l'impression que toutes les facettes de ma personnalité n'ont pas été découvertes. Si je recommence l'aventure, c'est pour montrer que, même si je suis maladroit ou qu'il m'arrive de manquer de tact avec certaines personnes, je ne suis ni le méchant, ni le calculateur que certains décrivaient.



For the opening challenge for rice and for the power to choose their tribemates, Bertrand was partnered with Christelle Gauzet, Jean-Bernard Hauton-Arnaud, and Valérie Tartacède-Bollaert. The team of Nathalie Ensargueix, Frédéric Favier, Christopher Lavaud, and Carole Rapin won the challenge and they selected Bertrand to be a part of the Tayak tribe along with Christelle, Christophe Guttatoro-Martin, and Morgane Rodriguès. The Tayak tribe initially won the first Reward Challenge, in which the reward was fire, but the victory and the reward were transferred to the Mingao tribe later that day as it was discovered that Frédéric and Christopher had broken the rules at one point in the challenge.

Apart from this, the Tayak tribe's obvious strength over the Mingao tribe worked in their favour in challenges, allowing for the former to ulong the latter. Overtime, Bertrand would emerge as the leader of the Tayak tribe and his leadership was generally uncontested, which resulted in a few groupthink decisions being made by his allies as the game progressed. The only time the Tayak tribe lost an Immunity Challenge was during the third cycle, in which they unanimously eliminated Morgane at the corresponding Tribal Council because of her deteriorating physical and emotional state. Though the remaining Tayak tribe members would all go on to secure places on the merged tribe, Nathalie was in the hot seat for her perceived laziness around camp and would have likely been voted out had they lost another Immunity Challenge.

Before the tribes merged, both designated tribe leaders, Bertrand and Jean-Bernard Hauton-Arnaud, were selected as the Ambassadors for their respective tribes and visited their rivals' camps. Both men spent their visits trying to get to know their rivals rather than discussing what the voting dynamics might become in the individual phase. However, Bertrand also hinted to the Mingao tribe members that there might be some people on his own tribe that are more deserving of the Ambassadors' vote than they are and Jean-Bernard also talked about Hakim Djellali and his funny behaviour around camp, but also implied that Hakim was the fellow Mingao tribe member that he'd be willing to lose first. At the Ambassadors' Meeting, Bertrand and Jean-Bernard quickly opted for a draw, which resulted in Bertrand receiving the Ambassadors' vote. At the first individual Immunity Challenge, it came down to Bertrand and Frédéric in the end and the former asked the latter if he could drop out because the former had the Ambassadors' vote cast against him. Frédéric complied, but Bertrand would soon regret asking Frédéric for this favour as he felt that he didn't earn his win. However, this didn't matter as all of the original Tayak tribe members, with the exception of Christophe and along with Hakim, who had very quickly socialized with the original Tayak tribe members come merge, voted out Jean-Bernard because of his status as the leader of his alliance, his challenge prowess, and his negative attitude and criticisms concerning Hakim.

At the Final Ten, the original Tayak tribe members made plans to vote out one of their own, Nathalie, because they still thought that she was being somewhat lazy around camp. On top of this reason, the alliance's men wanted to cancel Nathalie's attempts at making an all-female alliance. However, the day of the merged tribe's second Tribal Council, Christopher was evacuated to the infirmary as he was suffering from irregular heartbeat patterns. This prompted the original Tayak tribe members, with the exception of Nathalie, who was out of the loop, and Christopher, who was at the infirmary, to change their plans and vote out Hakim instead. They did this as they didn't want the original Mingao tribe members to go into the Final Nine with four in numbers, including Jean-Bernard, if Christopher were to be permanently evacuated from the game before the vote. The next day, when Christopher was permanently evacuated and eliminated from the game because he needed to go to the hospital for more tests, Hakim returned to the game in his place. The Final Nine saw a lot of tension between Bertrand and Christophe, which resulted in Christophe's status in the tribe dissolving very quickly. According to Christophe, when the merged tribe returned to camp after Hakim's first elimination, Bertrand erroneously thought that Christophe had not voted against Hakim and told him that he was brainless for not following his instructions. However, according to Bertrand, Christophe had refused to give an opinion on Nathalie when Denis Brogniart asked him for one during that Tribal Council, which is why he approached him back at camp and told him that a man without an opinion is brainless. Regardless of which version of events was the truth, Christophe felt insulted and insecure because he wasn't as formally educated as everyone else. This, along with losing to Bertrand during the men's heat of the third individual Reward Challenge, sparked Christophe to approach Frédéric with an idea to eliminate Bertrand on the basis of him being too authoritarian as an alliance leader. Frédéric told Christophe that it would be hard to rally votes from the rest of the tribe, though he could try, and that he himself would not vote against Bertrand. When Christophe tried to rally Nathalie's vote, she felt that he was being too threatening and told Bertrand about Christophe's scheming soon after that. As a result, Bertrand developed respect for Nathalie due to her loyalty and Christophe replaced Nathalie as the black sheep of the original Tayak tribe members. With the entire tribe, even the original Mingao tribe members, losing their respect for Christophe as they thought that his scheming was treasonous, he was outcasted by the tribe for the remainder of the cycle. At the corresponding Tribal Council, Christophe was voted out unanimously.

Following this diversion, Bertrand and his alliance decided that they would resume their pagonging of the original Mingao tribe members for the next few cycles. Upon Régis Colombier's elimination, the remaining original Tayak tribe members formed the Final Five, however, this meant that there would be one more cycle before the finale. Though Bertrand, Frédéric, and Christelle agreed that Nathalie was the least deserving of the alliance to make it any further into the game and were originally going to vote her out at the next Tribal Council, they ultimately decided to prioritize strategy over merit and voted out Carole instead because they felt that she would do well in the Perch challenge at the Final Three.

Having made it to the finale, Bertrand was eliminated at the Final Three after Christelle won the Perch challenge and took Frédéric to the Final Two instead of him. He was met with polarized reception when joining the jury.

Voting History

Bertrand's Voting History
Episode Bertrand's
Voted Against
1 Tayak Tribe Immune
2 Tayak Tribe Immune
3 Morgane -
4 Tayak Tribe Immune
5 Tayak Tribe Immune
6 Jean-Bernard Individual Immunity1
7 Hakim -
8 Christophe -
9 Charlène Individual Immunity
10 Hakim Régis
11 Régis Individual Immunity
12 Carole -
13 Ineligible Christelle
Voted Out, Day 39
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 As the two ambassadors for the merge tribe, Bertrand and Jean-Bernard had to cast an extra vote for someone at the first post-merge Tribal Council. They could not come to a decision and drew rocks. Bertrand drew the rock, but won immunity, nullifying the extra vote.

La Revanche des Héros

Voting History

Bertrand's Voting History
Episode Bertrand's
Voted Against
1 Klahan Tribe Immune
2 Klahan Tribe Immune
3 Isabelle -
4 Patrick -
5 Maud -
6 Maud -
7 Teheiura -
8 Guénaëlle -
9 Ineligible -
Voted for
Sole Survivor
Francis, Freddy, Guénaëlle, Maud,
Moussa, Patricia, Patrick, Teheiura, Wafa
Sole Survivor, Day 23

Post Koh-Lanta



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