Benoît Fourmont is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: L'Île des Héros.

He was voted out on Day 13 because of his lack of work ethic and constant complaining about food deprivation and physical weakness.


Profile retrieved from[1]

  • Prénom: Benoît (43)
  • Métier: Entrepreneur
  • Localisation: Morbihan (56)

Ce breton d'adoption est un entrepreneur dans l'âme. A la tête de plusieurs sociétés, il s'est notamment lancé dans la production de café en Martinique. Dynamique et insatiable, Benoît est également passionné de biathlon. Il enchaîne même les ironman… Sur Koh Lanta, cet impulsif de nature va devoir apprendre à se faire à la vie en groupe.


A triathlon runner, Benoît was the first castaway to reach the beach during the marooning, thus earning an individual Immunity Necklace that was only playable at his tribe's first Tribal Council. As a member of the Lawaki tribe, the elements were hard on him and he became weak very quickly. Criticized for his lack of work ethic, he clashed a few times with his fellow castaways, notably Sam who deemed him a liability for their tribe. At Lawaki's first Tribal Council on Day 7, Benoît played his Immunity Necklace, but did not negate any votes.

Becoming weaker and weaker, he then spent a night at the medical station to revigorate. When he reintegrated his tribe, he went back to his old ways annoying both Sam and former Heroes Sara and Moussa. Benoît was eventually voted out unanimously on Day 13, a few hours after Sara's medical evacuation. His tribemates thought of him as the less productive member of the tribe and thus, decided to get rid of him before the merge.

Voting History

Benoît's Voting History
Episode Benoît's
Voted Against
1 Lawaki Tribe Immune
2 Sam -1
3 Lawaki Tribe Immune
4 Inès Alexandra, Inès, Moussa,
Naoil, Régis, Sam
Voted Out, Day 13

^1 In Episode 2, Benoît used an Immunity Necklace, but did not negate any votes against him.


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