Benjamin "Ben" Morgan is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017).


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Name (Age): Ben Morgan (20)[1]
Tribe Designation: Asaga
Current Residence: Western Australia
Occupation: Fast Food Attendant

The youngest of this year’s contestants, Ben works as a fast food attendant and lives at home with his parents. Describing himself as “odd”, Ben is currently single and thinks his lack of flirting skills is to blame. “My Tinder profile states ‘I’m single and ready to mingle but not very good at mingling’. I plan on keeping flirting to a minimum on the island because it’s not exactly my strong point.”

A super fan of the series, he watched last year’s Australian Survivor with a keen eye, choosing Phoebe as his favourite player. “Not only was it an epic move when she played her idol and kicked off Craig, but it showed the rest of the [contestants] how to finally play,” he said.

Ben’s knowledge of the game and his age are his strongest points of difference. “I think I’m here because I’m authentic and believe that I can navigate my way through the game, despite my young age. I’m unique in the sense that I don’t have much life experience and have never left home but hopefully that will work for me.”

Ben is also hoping to get through to the final merge and play as an individual, as he thinks that is where his strengths will lie. “I’m a notorious klutz so in challenges that require some dexterity, I may provide some comedy gold. My strength will be in endurance-based challenges,” he said. “Mentally, I have not prepared whatsoever as I don’t believe there is much that can prepare you for this experience. Physically, I’m trying to gain weight so I’ve got reserves.”

Australian Survivor (2017)

Voting History

Ben's Voting History
Episode Ben's
Voted Against
1 Kent;
2 Asaga Tribe Immune
3 Asaga Tribe Immune
4 Asaga Tribe Immune
5 Asaga Tribe Immune
6 Samantha -
7 Mark W. -
8 Asaga Tribe Immune
9 Samatau Tribe Immune
10 Samatau Tribe Immune
11 No Elimination2
12 Samatau Tribe Immune
13 Michelle Anneliese, Henry,
Jarrad, Michelle, Ziggy
Voted Out, Day 30

^1 In Episode 1, the vote ended with a 6-6 tie between Joan and Kent, forcing a revote. Ben voted for Joan on the revote.

^2 In Episode 11, after winning the immunity challenge on Day 26, Samatau was subjected to a Tribal Council where they would vote for one person to compete for a special reward.


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