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The Bayon Alliance is the majority alliance of Survivor: Cambodia.

The alliance was initially the brainchild of Jeremy Collins and Andrew Savage, and although its composition was disrupted by an early tribe swap, Jeremy managed to parlay this uncertainty into a large and flexible network. His relationship with Spencer Bledsoe and Kimmi Kappenberg proved instrumental in consolidating the alliance's power pre-merge. After the merge, the loose coalition drew together to form a majority and demonstrated early strength with the elimination of principal antagonist Kass McQuillen. However, after suffering a setback in Kelley Wentworth's use of a Hidden Immunity Idol to blindside Savage, the large alliance of nine began to prove unwieldy, as several members felt increasingly threatened by their own allies. What followed was a series of semi-controlled demolitions of certain sub-factions within the alliance: Stephen Fishbach targeted Kelly Wiglesworth and Joe Anglim, Keith Nale drifted into the orbit of the minority Witches' Coven alliance, Spencer participated in an effort to oust Stephen, and Kimmi defected late in the game. Despite these developments, a core formed by Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha Fox was able to remain tight-knit and adaptable enough to retain a semblance of control, and Jeremy would ultimately go on to win a unanimous victory at Final Tribal Council.


 Andrew Savage
Days 1-21
S31 andrew t.png
 Jeremy Collins
Days 1-39
S31 jeremy t.png
 Joe Anglim
Days 1-32
S31 joe t.png
 Keith Nale
Days 1-33
S31 keith t.png
 Kimmi Kappenberg
Days 8-36
S31 kimmi t.png
 Stephen Fishbach
Remained Loyal
Days 8-29
S31 stephen t.png
 Tasha Fox
Remained Loyal
Days 1-39
S31 tasha t.png


 Kelly Wiglesworth
Days 17-24
S31 kelly t.png
 Spencer Bledsoe
Days 19-39
S31 spencer t.png


Alpha Males

Once the ten Bayon members arrived to camp, the males were the ones to take part in building the shelter and collecting wood to make a fire. While the tribe was setting up camp, the males bonded. Jeremy quickly began pulling people into his alliance. He wanted to align with castaways who he deemed as big threats so that he didn't become the biggest target in his alliance. In the end, Jeremy managed to convince Joe, Andrew, Tasha, and Keith to join his Bayon Alliance, making it a five-person alliance. The core alliance at that point didn't have to worry about getting voted out for while because Bayon kept sending Ta Keo to Tribal Council.

One Loss, Two Gains

After two Tribal Councils, a tribe swap happened, creating a new Bayon tribe. This new Bayon tribe was made up of Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi, Monica, Spencer, and Kelly Wiglesworth. Jeremy was the only member of the Bayon core, but Stephen and Kimmi, who were other original Bayon members, joined the alliance soon after the tribe swap after bonding together with Jeremy. Afterwards, Jeremy found the Bayon Hidden Immunity Idol at the new Bayon's first Immunity Challenge. Unfortunately, Bayon's immunity streak came to an end on Day 13, as the new incarnation of Bayon lost immunity, resulting in Tribal Council attendance. Due to being members of the original Ta Keo, Kelly and Spencer were targets to get voted out at Tribal Council, and, instead of scrambling to stay together, they targeted each other. However, Monica started to make plans for the future, as she considered making an all-female alliance with Kimmi. Consequently, Kimmi immediately thought that Monica was a threat to the Bayon Alliance and informed Stephen and Jeremy of Monica's plans. Once at Tribal Council, Monica voted Kelly, thinking she was the main target of the Bayon members. However, Monica ended up being blindsided in a 3-2-1 vote, getting votes from Jeremy, Stephen, and Kimmi. Spencer and Kelly became close to the Bayon Alliance afterwards and eventually joined the core after the merge.

Split Vote Idea

Bayon managed to get all of its original members, with the sole exception of Monica, when the tribes finally merged on Day 17. At this point, the alliance was able to recruit Kelly and were trying to get Spencer's vote. Meanwhile, Kass and Ciera, being the only original Bayon members who weren't part of the alliance, wanted Ta Keo Five (consisting tribemembers from the second version of Ta Keo), Abi and Spencer and Joe to become the dominant alliance. Joe won the first Immunity Challenge, and anyone who wasn't part of the alliance were targets. Kass and Ciera targeted Tasha due to her perceived duplicity to original Bayon, but it backfired as Spencer, Joe and Keith decided to side with the Bayon Alliance instead, making the two the alliance's targets. Jeremy and Stephen made a plan to split the votes between Kass and Ciera, just in case a Hidden Immunity Idol was played. However, no idol was played, and Kass was eliminated in a 6-4-2-1 vote over Ciera.

The Idol Spell

With Kass out the game, and the alliance holding a staggering 9 to 3 majority, the new threesome of Abi, Ciera, and Kelley, now coined the Witches Coven, was the alliance's main target. However, Stephen, who was a member of he Bayon core, made plans to turn on the alliance and vote out Joe, since Joe was a huge threat to win individual immunities. Though, this planning didn't go into effect as Joe won the second Immunity Challenge.

Back at camp, the alliance was deciding on who to vote out. Joe and Savage wanted Stephen out because Stephen was making plans to turn on the alliance in order to take out Joe. Ultimately, Jeremy convinced the alliance to take out Kelley, instead of Stephen, because he deemed her as a huge threat to the alliance and thought she would least likely suspect getting voted out. Since everyone suspected Kelley didn't have an idol, there was no plan to split the vote. At Tribal Council, the alliance voted for Kelley as planned, but she shockingly used her idol on herself, negating the nine votes. The idol play got rid of co-leader Andrew, who received the Witches Coven's three votes.

Voting Blocs

With the elimination of one of the alliance's leaders, the alliance was down to eight people. Stephen continued to make plans to vote out Joe and anyone who was closely aligned with Joe. In the meantime, Jeremy found a second Hidden Immunity Idol right after his team loses the Reward Challenge. Later, Joe won immunity and Stephen won a secret advantage from that Immunity Challenge, which turned out to be an advantage where he could steal some else's vote. Knowing the Witches Coven was still a target, Stephen formed a "voting bloc" with the three-person alliance in order to vote out one of Joe's closest allies, Kelly Wiglesworth, who apparently had an impeccable social game. Stephen convinced Jeremy and Spencer to the plan of blindsiding Wiglesworth. At Tribal Council, the secret voting bloc voted out Wiglesworth, who had received six votes. Ciera received three votes and Wentworth received two votes during that Tribal Council. All the votes casted against Wentworth and Ciera were from the other five Bayon core members.

The Fallen Witch and the Stolen Vote

Even though several members of the alliance were blindsided after Wiglesworth got voted out, Jeremy, who was one of people who voted out Wiglesworth, managed to convince Joe, Kimmi, and Tasha that he was still on their side. Besides Jeremy, the remaining members of the core were worried about Stephen because he had flipped at the last Tribal Council and had an advantage from the previous Immunity Challenge. Later, Joe won immunity, and the Witches Coven made a plan with several members of the Bayon Alliance to take out Stephen. Jeremy was part of the plan to vote out Stephen, but was very reluctant to do so since he considered Stephen a close ally. This plan was put in fruition at Tribal Council. However, Jeremy decided to use his idol on Stephen, negating the five votes against him. Jeremy, Stephen, and Kimmi cast three votes against Ciera, leading to Ciera getting voted out.

The Bayon Alliance succeeded in taking out a rival, but several members were still wary of Stephen and his advantage. Once Spencer won immunity, Joe became eligible to be voted out for the first time in 29 days, making him a target. However, a power strike led by Spencer to work with the Witches Coven to target Stephen became enacted. At Tribal, Stephen used his advantage. He used it against Joe, stole Joe's vote, and cast the two votes he had for Abi-Maria and his own personal target, Joe. This however proved to be a fatal move as the Witches Coven, Spencer, Joe, and Keith got rid of Stephen in a close 4-3-2 vote.

The Biggest Threat

Stephen's blindside left a fracture in the Bayon core, with the strong possibility of the alliance falling apart. Proof of this occurred when Kimmi wanted to align with the Witches Coven and Tasha to get out the males and form an all-female Final Four. At the Immunity Challenge, both a female and male would be granted immunity. Kelley won for the females and Keith, shockingly won for the males, albeit due to Joe fainting. Though Jeremy and Spencer considered keeping Joe for a numerical advantage against the perceived all-female alliance, they voted with them against Joe, eliminating Joe in a near unanimous 6-1-1 vote.

Taking Out the Goat

At the Final Seven with Joe gone, the Bayon Alliance reformed with a new majority of Jeremy, Kimmi, Spencer, and Tasha. Their targets were the Witches Coven and Keith. Tasha grew a disdain for Keith because of him voting for her instead of Joe, despite Keith originally wanting Joe gone. This disdain fumed even more after he won reward and decided to take Kelley and Spencer, causing Tasha to talk to Jeremy, Kimmi, and Abi about voting out Keith. At camp, the core members persuaded Abi into voting out Keith with them even though she wasn't part of their core alliance. This made Abi believe she was safe for the upcoming vote and potentially becoming a member of the Final Three. However, Abi's erratic behavior made Tasha wary of her. Tasha and Jeremy then came to agreement to vote out Abi instead of Keith. After Spencer won immunity, the alliance came together to make plans to vote out Abi. At Tribal Council, Abi-Maria was blindsided in a 4-2-1 vote. Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer, and Kimmi stuck with their newly reformed Bayon Alliance to vote out Abi. Kelley and Keith tried voting out Tasha, thinking that Spencer and Abi would vote with them. Abi tried voting out Keith, thinking that the Bayon core would vote out Keith.

A Revolt Struck

With Abi-Maria out the game, the new Bayon core had forged a 4-2 majority against Kelley and Keith. However, Kimmi knew she was at the bottom of the foursome and began scheming with the outsiders, Kelley and Keith, to take out Jeremy or Spencer in a 3-2-1 vote. When Spencer won immunity again, Kimmi quickly attempted to convince her alliance to split the votes between Kelley and Keith just in case of an idol play. Despite initially agreeing on splitting the vote, Kimmi made it too apparent that she wanted to talk strategy to Keith, causing skepticism from Spencer and Tasha, forcing them to talk to Jeremy about Kimmi's perceived betrayal. At Tribal Council, Spencer boldly stated the he, Jeremy, and Tasha would be voting together and that if Kimmi didn't vote with them, she'd be risking a potential rock draw. After voting, Kelley decided to use her second idol, prompting Jeremy to use his. After the votes were read, it was revealed that Kimmi flipped on the alliance, but the three votes for Jeremy were voided as was Kelley's, causing a 0-0 vote. At the vote restart, the alliance voted against Kimmi while Kelley, Keith, and Kimmi voted against Tasha, forcing a 3-3 tie vote. No one wanted to go to a revote, making the vote deadlocked, forcing them to a rock draw tiebreaker if all of them (except Kimmi and Tasha) agreed on who to vote out. If there was no consensus on who whether to vote out Kimmi or Tasha, then Kimmi and Tasha would become immune at the tiebreaker, making Keith the only one eligible to draw the elimination rock. Despite Keith initially wanting to leave the game for Kimmi, Kelley managed to talk him out of it, and together the foursome agreed for Kimmi to go.

Numerical Advantage

After the infamous Tribal Council, the alliance still held a 3-2 majority. They initially targeted Kelley. However, she won immunity, forcing them to target Keith instead. While at camp, Jeremy noticed that Keith was fiddling with an "idol" and secretly told him to vote for Spencer because he didn't want the minority of Kelley and Keith to vote for him. At Tribal Council, Jeremy ended up voting with his alliance against Keith, eliminating him 3-2.

The Final Opponent

The alliance knew they would be reaching the Final Three if Kelley didn't win the Final Immunity Challenge. At the Final Immunity Challenge, Jeremy won his first individual Immunity Challenge, bringing upon cheers within the alliance. However, Jeremy very briefly considered forcing a tie with Kelley in order to have she and Spencer battle it out for a spot at the finals. Ultimately though, he decided to vote with the alliance against Kelley. However, he made his vote seem undecided at Tribal Council, causing Spencer to deliver an impactful speech about how he would get the jurors to vote for Kelley over Jeremy. Kelley was voted out 3-1, resulting in all three members of the Bayon Alliance to make the Final Three.

Final Tribal Council

Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha all pleaded their cases to the jury about why they should win Sole Survivor. Most of the jury questions were towards Jeremy and Spencer though, since many of jury members thought that Tasha was just doing Jeremy's dirty work. Spencer was perceived as arrogant, and his flip-flopping game was criticized. In response, Spencer admits he can be arrogant, but he has grown and made good social bonds. The jury chastised Jeremy for his treatment of Kimmi during Final Six Tribal Council. Jeremy defends himself by saying he was upset by Kimmi's betrayal since he was defending her this whole game and thought they were close, when in reality, she was ready to backstab for herself. All three finalists defended and explained their games a bit more. Spencer and Tasha made the case about their comparatively decent social games and growths. Jeremy gave a heartfelt speech to the jury about how he was playing the game for his family. In the end, the jury voted for Jeremy to win in a unanimous 10-0-0 vote due to his strong social game and more honorable strategic game.


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