Barrel of Monkeys (also known as In The Barrel) is a recurring challenge on Survivor.


One or two castaways are placed inside a barrel and are pushed throughout a course by their tribe mates, collecting items along the way. The first tribe to finish the course wins.


The challenge debuted as a Reward Challenge right after the infamous Mutiny in Cook Islands, where the distraught Aitutaki tribe won in a clean sweep against Rarotonga.

In Blood vs. Water, Galang and Tadhana were neck and neck the entire race, but when it came to the final leg where a member of each tribe had to play skee ball, Gervase Peterson was able to finish his task before Hayden Moss, claiming victory for his tribe and sending Tadhana back to Tribal Council.

The challenge reappeared in Cambodia as a Reward Challenge. Despite Bayon falling behind on the barrel rolling portion, they managed to regain some time in the ball rolling portion. They were, however unable to make a comeback as Ta Keo finished first and Angkor finished second.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
Cook Islands
Tribal Reward S13 becky tS13 ozzy tS13 sundra tS13 yul t
Blood vs. Water
"Rule in Chaos"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S27 aras tS27 colton tS27 gervase t
S27 kat tS27 laurab tS27 lauram t
S27 monica tS27 tina tS27 tyson t
"A Snake in the Grass"
Tribal Reward S31 ciera tS31 joe tS31 kass t
S31 keith tS31 kelley tS31 terry t
Ta Keo
S31 abimaria tS31 andrew tS31 tasha tS31 woo t



  • Woo Hwang is the only competing male castaway to be placed inside the barrel.
  • Ciera Eastin is the only castaway to actively compete in this challenge twice. She won the challenge on her second attempt.


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