Barrel Bridge is a recurring challenge in Survivor. First appearing in Survivor: Nicaragua, it has since reappeared in Worlds Apart.


Using four barrels, two wooden planks, and 10 feet (3.0 m) of rope, teams would attempt to make their way from a starting line (at one end of the beach) to the finish line (at the other end of the beach) without touching the ground. If any team member steps onto the ground, the entire team would have to restart the challenge from the starting line. The first team to have all its members cross the finish line would win.


The challenge was first used in Survivor: Nicaragua. The team of Chase Rice, Fabio Birza, Jane Bright, Kelly Shinn, and NaOnka Mixon cruised to victory, winning a helicopter trip to the Cerro Negro volcano with volcano surfing and pizza, brownies, and soft drinks.

The challenge reappeared as the Final 8 Reward Challenge in Survivor: Worlds Apart. The challenge area was divided into zones. If any member of a team touched the sand, their entire would have to restart the challenge from the start of their current zone, instead of completely restarting the challenge. Both teams approached the challenge with different strategies. The red team had a slower, but more energy conserving approach, while the blue team had Mike Holloway roll the barrels forward and then transport everyone across. Eventually Mike ran out of energy, which allowed the red team of Carolyn Rivera, Dan Foley, Tyler Fredrickson, and Will Sims II to take the lead. In the end, the red team's more well-rounded strategy paid off, as they won the challenge against the blue team.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Stuck in the Middle"
Team Reward S21 chase tS21 fabio t
S21 jane tS21 kellys tS21 naonka t
Chase, Fabio, Jane, Kelly S., & NaOnka
Worlds Apart
"Survivor Russian Roulette"
Team Reward S30 carolyn tS30 dan tS30 tyler tS30 will t
Carolyn, Dan, Tyler, & Will




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