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Banishment is a twist used in two Koh-Lanta seasons, the French version of Survivor. This twist sends several castaways living away from the two tribes, on the "Island of the Banished" (in French: "Île des Bannis"). The banished castaways are left unaware if they will (re)integrate the game.

Twist History

Koh-Lanta: Malaisie

On Day 1, a Schoolyard Pick is held to determine two tribes of 8, leaving four people unpicked. After the tribes left to their campsites, the four are told that they will live on a small island apart from the game until they have another chance to integrate a tribe.

The Four Banished
FRS15 bernard t.pngFRS15 elodie t.pngFRS15 nadine t.pngFRS15 philippe t.png

On Day 4, the banished are taken to the second Reward Challenge. The two tribes are told that the winning tribe will choose two of them to reinforce their team. The challenge is won by Sungaï, and they choose Élodie and Philippe to join them. The two remaining banished, Bernard and Nadine, are then told that they will be joining the opposite tribe, Mawar, putting an end to the twist.

Koh-Lanta: Johor

On Day 4, before the second Reward Challenge begins, the two tribes are given an "opportunity to weaken the opposite tribe" by forcing two of its members (a man and a woman) to leave their team. The four chosen contestants are sent to an untouched island, not knowing what will happen to them.

The Four Banished
FRS17 cedric t.pngFRS17 jessica t.pngFRS17 manon t.pngFRS17 sebastien t.png

On Day 7, the four banished are divided into two pairs by tribe affiliation and take part in a 2 vs. 2 challenge, watched by their tribemates. The pair of Manon and Sébastien eventually win the challenge. Then all contestants are told to drop their buffs: a new Schoolyard Pick is held, with Manon and Sébastien as the two captains. Before the pick begins, they draw rocks to determine which tribe they will lead. Sébastien wins the rock draw, and he chooses to stay on Lankawaï, leaving Manon on Tinggi.


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