Banda is a tribe from La Isla 2017: El Reality. They are the "gang" tribe, consisting of players who work day-to-day without a fixed salary, have access to jobs mainly as workers, they are those who work harder and those who have a hard life. Their tribe color is blue.


 Adrián Arrieta
38, Toluca, MEX
Former serviceman
 Gabriela Quevedo
29, Guadalajara, JAL
Makeup artist
 Laura Duque
32, Acapulco, GRO
 Luis Arellano
30, Acapulco, GRO
 Miguel Montaño
25, San Diego, CA
Functional trainer
 Silverio Dionicio
21, Papantla, VER
Papantla flyer
 Yuriko Santander
33, Minatitlán, VER
Electronic engineer and welder

Tribe History


On Day 4, Laura was to be nominated for being weak, but she was to saved by the Pudientes tribe. Therefore Laura nominated Silverio because for her he is the most weak. Silverio won the first Deathly Duel and returned to the game.

On Day 8, Silverio was to be nominated as he was discouraged, but he was to saved by the Pudientes tribe. Therefore, Silverio nominated Laura for revenge. Laura Duque lost against Miguel Nassar and was eliminated in the second Deathly Duel.

On Day 16, Silverio Dionicio was nominated for being the most weak, then lost against Facundo Gómez and was eliminated in the fourth Deathly Duel.

On Day 20, Yuriko was nominated for being considered a stubborn and proud person who pressured her tribe in the challenges, also for being a physical threat. But she won the fifth Deathly Duel and returned to the game.


On Day 21, Gabriela Quevedo formed the new Banda tribe and they would go to High Beach. Remaining in the tribe, five of the Banda tribe, two of the Godínez tribe and one of the Pudientes tribe.

On Day 28, Ayra Antaramian was nominated because she was considered the weakest. The Pudientes tribe chose to nominate Luis Arellano for being a physical threat and also for him ego. Ayra lost against Luis, but Ayra decided to take the Returning Challenge and wasn't eliminated.

On Day 30, Ayra Antaramian decided to quit the Returning Challenge and was eliminated.

On Day 41, the Merging Challenge was held, where the remaining seven members won and made it to the merge.



  • This tribe holds the record for most challenges won by a tribe, with 18.


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