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Bamboozled is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: Panama.


Night 30[]

With the final five returning to camp after voting out Courtney Marit, Aras Baskauskas explains to Shane Powers about the vote and why it was not Danielle DiLorenzo. In a confessional, Shane explains that he was shocked about the vote. Cirie Fields talks to Shane about what happened at Tribal Council. In a confessional, Cirie describes how returning to camp was uncomfortable due to Shane. Shane tells Cirie that he should have been told of the situation and that he, her, and Aras have the numbers. Shane declares that Danielle is next to go if Terry Deitz has immunity. Shane asks Cirie to not pull any fast ones on him, which Cirie agrees to. Shane says that Courtney would be the easiest to take to the Final Two, but is assured that he is going to the final four with his Casaya Alliance. Shane openly states that he is glad that Courtney is gone. Terry asks what Shane is really feeling, but Shane sticks to his statement.

Day 31[]

Aras makes a comment about how calm camp is. Shane just says it is calm and wonders why. Terry gives a confessional about his latest failed attempt to control the game. He says that he is fine with Danielle on the chopping block.

The castaways arrive at the Reward Challenge, Second Chance, which involves carrying items from the third Immunity Challenge (a bag), the second Reward Challenge (a wooden snake), and the fifth Reward Challenge (a fish). The two who make it to the final round will go through the wooden tunnels from the end of second Immunity Challenge. The winner would spend time with their loved one and determine how much time the others get with theirs. In the first round, Danielle and Terry are the first two to get bags. They are followed by Aras and Cirie, eliminating Shane from the challenge. In the second round, everyone is even. However, Aras, Danielle, and Terry all reach the finish line first, eliminating Cirie from the challenge. In the third round, Aras comes in first, followed by Terry, eliminating Danielle. In the final round, Aras initially has the lead after Terry drops his fish. However, Aras loses his bag near the end, allowing Terry to catch up and win the challenge.

The loved ones arrive for the Family Visit—Terry's wife Trish arrives, Aras' mom Teresa, Danielle's mom Denise, Cirie's husband H.B., and Shane's son Boston. Everyone is excited to see their loved ones, especially Shane. Host Jeff Probst explains the reward. Two pairs will go to an overnight stay at a resort with plenty of food and separate rooms. One castaway will go back to camp with their loved one. One will hug their loved one, and the remaining person would be exiled without interacting with their loved one. Terry picks himself and Shane to go to the resort, then picks Cirie and H.B. to go back to camp. In the final call, Terry lets Aras hug his mom, disappointing Danielle. Aras asks his mom to prepare a meal for him. Danielle's mom lets her know that she and her family love Danielle so much. Everyone heads out to where they were designated.

At Exile Island, Danielle expresses her disappointment of not getting to be with her mom. She chops a coconut with the machete, pretending that it is Terry's head. In a confessional, Danielle says that Terry is gunning for her because she screwed up his plan of taking Courtney to the Final Two. Howeverm Danielle states that she does not care, and that she would not going to sit and cry about it, even though she is upset.

At the Gitanos camp, Cirie describes what she has eaten during her time in the game and shows H.B. around camp. She says in a confessional that he was not expecting how primitive life is at camp. Aras and Cirie explain how things work at camp. Cirie describes her husband as a couch potato just like her. H.B. is surprised that the dirty water is for drinking instead of being used for foot cleaning. Cirie then states that she feels like she has been underestimating herself her whole life and can do anything.

At the resort, Shane and Terry are ecstatic by the everyday food in the fridge. Terry then describes what foods they have. Terry's wife, Trish, gives a confessional about how shocking it was to see Terry in that condition. Shane explains to Boston about his experience on Survivor so far. Shane says that if he could only win one reward and lose the rest of them, this was the one to win or least go on. Shane states that he is glad that he did not quit. Later, Terry talks about the game with Trish and shows her the Hidden Immunity Idol. Terry gives a confessional about the conversation and how she interjected herself into the game. Shane and Trish take about the game over dinner and how it is going to end. In a confessional, Shane explains that Trish is more competitive than her husband is. Shane and Boston hang out with other. Boston talks about Shane's game and how he misses his father, who is like a brother to him. Terry and Trish turn in for the night. Terry gives a confessional about he does not care about the bed, but that simply being with his wife makes him happy.

Day 32[]

No footage from Day 32 was shown or went unlabeled during the family visit.

Day 33[]

At Gitanos, Cirie asks H.B. to do some camp chores. He gives a confessional about it, complaining about how he just woke up. Cirie says she is doing this to preserve her and Aras' energy and says that H.B. doesn't mind. In a confessional, HB says otherwise, but does this as he is not going to be there long so he is willing to help. The boat arrives to take H.B. back. Cirie and H.B. say their goodbyes. H.B. expresses how proud of he is of Cirie. As H.B. leaves, Cirie states that she is doing this not for herself, but for her family.

Another boat with Shane and Terry both return from the reward. Aras asks them about the reward. At the fire pit, Terry explains to Aras for delegation of the loved ones. Aras does not like how Terry said it because Danielle was 24 and it was just her mom. Terry tries to justify this by saying that once you marry, you have no choice but to pick your spouse. This does not go over well with Aras, who feels Terry was saying Terry's wife was more important that Aras' mom. The two continue to talk about the issue, with both of them giving confessionals about the conversation.

Aras, Cirie, Shane, and Terry arrive for the Immunity Challenge. Danielle returns from Exile Island. When asked about her experience, Danielle says that it was more pleasant due to better weather. Jeff explains how the challenge works. Everyone was relatively even, except for Shane who does not get water in his bucket. However, Terry has a slight lead and eventually wins immunity. Terry celebrates his victory, which prompts Shane to tell him to "shaddap". Everyone dives off the platform except Cirie. Upon being sent back to camp, Shane mimics Jeff's usual line and adds "dun dun dun".

Back at camp, everyone gives a confessional about Terry is guaranteed a spot in the final three. Shane and Terry talk about Danielle, who is alone. Shane says that she is going next. In a confessional, Shane talks about his safety due to his alliance. Terry offers Shane a final two pact. Terry does this because he believes that he could win easily against Shane. Aras and Danielle talk about Shane. Aras states in a confessional that he has no loyalty to Shane anymore because the latter wanted to take Courtney to the Final Two. Aras then talks to Cirie about voting out Shane. Danielle talks about how Shane and Terry are gunning for her and her bonds with Aras and especially Cirie. Shane talks to Cirie about voting out Danielle, followed by Aras. Cirie talks about how the vote is going to happen and states that she thinks that Danielle could be her. Shane gives another confessional about his comfortability in his alliance. Shane congratulates Aras for making the final four.

At Tribal Council, Terry is asked about his allocating the loved ones. Cirie and Shane are asked about their experiences with their loved ones. Aras is asked about Terry's winning streak. He says that you can win as many challenges you want, but you have to win people over. When the questioning is done, Aras votes against Shane. Shane votes against Danielle. When the votes are read, the first vote is for Danielle. However, the next three votes are for Shane, who becomes the eleventh person voted out of Survivor: Panama. Shane's jaw drops when he is voted out. Before his torch was snuffed, Shane declares that he is one minute from having an ice cream bar.


Challenge: Second Chance
The five castaways must dig in a marked area for a buried bag, with the first four to find their bag moving on. Those four must take their bag through a commando crawl, climb to a raised bar, untie a wooden snake, climb back down, take both through another commando crawl, and over a sandhill, with the first three moving on. Those three must take their bag and snake over a sandhill into a pool, untie a hanging fish, and take all three over another sandhill, with the first two moving on. The final two must take all three items with them through a cage-like network of ladders to the finish.
Reward: The winner gets to decide who will get to see their loved one and how much time they will spend with them.
Winner: Terry Deitz (shared with Shane Powers, exiled Danielle DiLorenzo)

Challenge: Vertigo
Each castaway must stand on top of a wooden pillar in the water. They must lower a bucket into the water, raise it back up, then dump the water into a bamboo chute. They must repeat the process until the water in their bamboo chute is high enough, which would raise a flag. The first person to raise their flag wins.
Winner: Terry Deitz

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 11:
S12 shane t
Shane (3 votes)
S12 aras tS12 cirie tS12 danielle t
Aras, Cirie, Danielle
S12 aras t
Aras (1 vote)
S12 terry t
S12 danielle t
Danielle (1 vote)
S12 shane t
S12 shane bw
Shane Powers

Voting Confessionals[]

An edited version of Aras's confessional was shown in the episode. Shane was shown writing Danielle's name on the parchment. Danielle did not give a confessional.

S12 aras t
(voting against Shane) Shane, sorry brother. You backstabbed me, dude, and I found out. Maybe we'll get a coke afterwards.
S12 shane t
(voting against Danielle) Okay, now I meant this week. I'm sorry. This week. You don't have to fight over food anymore.
S12 terry t
(voting against Aras) How many times do I have to say this? You're still the number one threat.
S12 cirie t
(voting against Shane) Um, you said, at some point, you had to start protecting yourself, and this becomes an individual game. This is nothing personal; um, hopefully, you don't take it personally. My door is always open. I'm gonna leave the ball in your field - I mean, the ball in your court. Love you, sorry.

Final Words[]

S12 shane bw
Ah…I got duped. I was blindsided. I really thought that me, Aras, and Cirie were, uh, locked in. This will be the toughest thing I ever do in the history my life. I just want to tell you, BoBo, I love you so much. I'm sorry I didn't win. I tried my hardest, and Daddy's proud of himself, although disappointed, and I love you.

Still in the Running[]

S12 tina bw
S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 ruthmarie bw
S12 bobby bw
S12 dan bw
S12 nick bw
S12 austin bw
S12 sally bw
S12 bruce bw
S12 courtney bw
S12 shane bw
S12 aras t
S12 cirie t
S12 danielle t
S12 terry t


  • Shane's son Boston would be the youngest person to appear as a loved one during the Family Visit until Winners at War, doing so at 12 years old.[2]
  • This episode marks the first time that more than two people received votes at a final five Tribal Council. This would not happen again until "Absolute Banger Season" in Survivor 44.
  • After Shane's elimination, Terry becomes the only remaining member of the original La Mina tribe. In a rather interesting coincidence, all four starting tribes were represented in the final four, with Aras representing Viveros, Cirie representing Casaya, Danielle representing Bayoneta, and Terry representing La Mina.
    • The final four would all eventually compete again in future seasons.
  • Terry's vote against Aras was not revealed to the tribe.


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