Ballin' A Jack is a recurring challenge that debuted in Survivor: San Juan del Sur and has since reappeared in Survivor: Cambodia.


The castaways will each stand on a small block while stabilizing a ball against an overhanging piece of wood. If at any point they lose their concentration or their balance, the ball will drop and they are then out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins.


In Survivor: San Juan del Sur, the challenge was used for reward at the final seven. Natalie outlasted Jaclyn to win the right to send someone to Exile Island and a king size bed delivered to camp with an Italian meal and dessert.

The challenge appeared as the final ten Immunity Challenge in Survivor: Cambodia. Before the challenge started, Jeff Probst offered to have the castaways' shelter rebuilt if at least five people sat out of the challenge. Everyone but Joe and Keith elected to sit out to have a new shelter. Joe ended up outlasting Keith to win his fourth individual immunity in a row.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
San Juan del Sur
"Still Holdin' On"
Individual Reward S29 natalie t
Natalie Anderson
"Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil"
Individual Immunity S31 joe t
Joe Anglim



  • Keith Nale is the only player to be present both times this challenge was used. He lost both times.


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