Balancing Point is a recurring individual endurance challenge that originated in Survivor: Nicaragua, and has since reappeared in Blood vs. Water. The challenge is similar to Broken China, but involves the stacking of coins on a sword hilt instead of stacking crockery.


With one hand, castaways would balance a sword on a shield. With their other hand, they would stack unevenly sided coins on the handle of the sword. If at any point a contestant's stack of coins falls, they would be eliminated from the challenge. The last contestant remaining would win.


In Survivor: Nicaragua, it was used as the Final Immunity Challenge. Holly Hoffman was the first to lose the challenge, quickly followed by Chase Rice, leaving Fabio Birza and Sash Lenahan. Fabio defeated Sash to win his third straight individual Immunity Challenge and his fourth overall.

In Survivor: Blood vs. Water, it was used as the third individual Immunity Challenge. The final three castaways were Hayden Moss, Katie Collins, and Tyson Apostol. Tyson dropped his coins, immediately followed by Hayden, giving Katie her first immunity win.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"What About Me?"
Individual Immunity
(Final Immunity)
S21 fabio t
Fabio Birza
Blood vs. Water
"My Brother's Keeper"
Individual Immunity S27 katie t
Katie Collins




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