Bajau is one of two competing tribes on Survivor South Africa: Malaysia. Its color is yellow.


Amanda Hoosen
29, Auckland Park, GP
Head of internal audit
ZAS2 amanda t.png
Angela Beck
23, Krugersdorp, GP
Modelling coach
ZAS2 angela t.png
Dyke Higginson
28, Marina Beach, KZN
ZAS2 dyke t.png
Elsie Smith
24, Sunninghill, GP
Hotel manager
ZAS2 elsie t.png
Hein Vosloo
47, Manzengwenya, KZN
Rural developer
ZAS2 hein t.png
Nichal Ramchander
25, Phoenix, KZN
Sales and marketing manager
ZAS2 nichal t.png
Nicola Windt
37, Harding, KZN
Dairy farmer
ZAS2 nicola t.png
Rijesh Govender
30, Lyndhurst, GP
Sales executive
ZAS2 rijesh t.png

 Angela Beck
ZAS2 angela t.png
 Grant Clark
ZAS2 grant t.png
 Hein Vosloo
ZAS2 hein t.png
 Lisa Atkinson
ZAS2 lisa t.png
 Lorette Mostert
ZAS2 lorette t.png
 Mandla Mbau
ZAS2 mandla t.png
ZAS2 nichal t.png

Tribe History

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  • Bajau was the first tribe in Survivor history to get fire without using flint, matches or any sort of artificial firelighter.[1]


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