Avi Duckor-Jones is the Sole Survivor of Survivor New Zealand: Nicaragua.


How would you describe yourself? Adaptable, enthusiastic, reckless.
Why are you doing Survivor? Because it has been my dream for a long time. People always tell me I should do it, and it has been something I've thought about since I was a teenager.
What did you do to prepare? Nothing! I didn't have time. I was leading back to back trips in the months leading up to it. My last trip (that ended the day before I flew to Nicaragua) was in Ireland. I was teaching creative writing with National Geographic. So I guess I just ate a lot of lamb shanks and potatoes. In saying that, I was very well prepared to go into a group situation as a listener, leader, and facilitator.
What are your pet peeves? I'm not great with snoring. Also repetition, as in conversation.
What's your strategy? Be quiet and listen. Do well, but not too well, at everything.

Survivor NZ

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Voting History

Avi's Voting History
Episode Avi's
Voted Against
1 Hannah -
2 Tony Lou
4 Izzy -
6 Georgia Georgia
8 Hermosa Tribe Immune
10 Lee -
11 Mike -
12 Jak -
13 Jak -
14 Shannon -
16 Shay -
18 Nate -
19 Mike Mike
Nate Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Avi
Lee, Mike, Nate,
Sala, Shannon, Shay
Sole Survivor, Day 40


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