This is the sixteenth episode of Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2018).


Day 34

Day 35


Challenge: Flags
Castaways will have to race out to grab an idol. The catch is there is one less idol than the number of castaways per round and the person who does not grab an idol is eliminated. This will repeat until two remain, where the first person to grab the idol and return to the start line wins.
Reward: Ultimate Survivor spa
Winner: Mat Rogers (shared with Fenella McGowan and Sharn Coombes)

Challenge: Last Gasp
The players must swim under a steel grate and stay above the water. As the tide rises, player will run out of breathing room. If the fear of drowning is too much, that person can bail out. The last person still under the grate wins the challenge.
Winner: Mat Rogers

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 16:
Koro Savu
AUS5 samuel t.png
Samuel (8 votes)
AUS5 benji t.pngAUS5 brian t.pngAUS5 mat t.pngAUS5 monika t.png
AUS5 shane t.pngAUS5 sharn t.pngAUS5 shonee t.pngAUS5 stevew t.png
Benji, Brian, Mat, Monika, Shane, Sharn, Shonee, Steve W.
AUS5 benji t.png
Benji (2 votes)
AUS5 fenella t.pngAUS5 samuel t.png
Fenella, Samuel
AUS5 samuel bw.png
Samuel Hinton

Voting Confessionals

AUS5 benji t.png

(voting against Samuel) I wanted to go far with you bro, but you gotta make the big move, man. I would've been down if you didn't throw my name under the bus, so... have fun at Jury Villa.

AUS5 mat t.png

(voting against Samuel) Sam, it's the hardest vote I've had to cast. If Lydia stayed in the game, it would've killed all of us. And- um, I just- I can't believe that you didn't see that. You gave that information away when you shouldn't have. And, sorry man, I can't bring you to that in this game. But I'll see you on the flip side.

Final Words

AUS5 samuel bw.png

Obviously it's a blow to leave the game, but- uh, I'm happy with how I played. I made one small mistake and it came back to bite me real hard. People are definitely scared that Mat will go all the way and steamroll any opposition. Mat's super strong, super quick, he's got all these solid alliances. But y'know, hats off to Mat, he's playing it really well. And y'know, I really want to see him in the finals.

Still in the Running

AUS5 matt bw.png
AUS5 russell bw.png
AUS5 damien bw.png
 Steve K.
AUS5 stevek bw.png
AUS5 jenna bw.png
AUS5 moana bw.png
AUS5 anita bw.png
AUS5 zach bw.png
AUS5 paige bw.png
AUS5 jackie bw.png
AUS5 tegan bw.png
AUS5 heath bw.png
AUS5 lydia bw.png
AUS5 robbie bw.png
AUS5 samuel bw.png
Koro Savu
AUS5 benji t.png
Koro Savu
AUS5 brian t.png
Koro Savu
AUS5 fenella t.png
Koro Savu
AUS5 mat t.png
Koro Savu
AUS5 monika t.png
Koro Savu
AUS5 shane t.png
Koro Savu
AUS5 sharn t.png
Koro Savu
AUS5 shonee t.png
 Steve W.
Koro Savu
AUS5 stevew t.png


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