This is the fifteenth episode of Australian Survivor (2016).


Day 32

Day 33


Challenge: Survivor Auction
The castaways are each given $500 to bid on items, ranging from food, advantages, and love from home. The auction will end without notice.

Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
AUS3 brooke t.pngAUS3 conner t.pngAUS3 el t.pngAUS3 flick t.pngAUS3 jennahlouise t.pngAUS3 kate t.png
AUS3 kristie t.pngAUS3 kylie t.pngAUS3 lee t.pngAUS3 matt t.pngAUS3 nick t.pngAUS3 sam t.pngAUS3 sue t.png
Brooke, Conner, El, Flick, Jennah-Louise, Kate, Kristie, Kylie, Lee, Matt, Nick, Sam, & Sue
Purchase Breakdown
Item Winner Bid
Salt and Vinegar Chips and a Bottle of Soft Drinks
This item can be shared with three other people
AUS3 conner t.png $60
Chocolate Cake with a Chocolate Milk AUS3 conner t.png $440
Covered Item (Nachos with a Margarita)
Sam was offered a second Hidden Item. However he decided to stick with the first Item
AUS3 sam t.png $240
Covered Item (Steak and Chips) AUS3 sue t.png $220
A bath with hot water, bubble bath and a toothbrush
to use for the remainder of the auction
AUS3 brooke t.png $20
Advantage in the Game (A Vote Stopping Power) AUS3 lee t.png $80
Pasta and Garlic Bread with Wine AUS3 kate t.png $500
Covered Item (A clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol) AUS3 nick t.png $440

Challenge: Vampire Bats
Wrapped around a suspended horizontal pole, tribe mates must hang using their legs and arms for as long as they can. The last person left standing wins.
Winner: Brooke Jowett

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
Fia Fia
AUS3 conner t.png
Conner (6 votes)
AUS3 el t.pngAUS3 flick t.pngAUS3 kristie t.png
AUS3 lee t.pngAUS3 nick t.pngAUS3 sam t.png
El, Flick, Kristie, Lee, Nick, Sam
AUS3 kate t.png
Kate (4 votes)
AUS3 brooke t.pngAUS3 jennahlouise t.pngAUS3 kylie t.pngAUS3 matt t.png
Brooke, Jennah-Louise, Kylie, Matt
AUS3 kylie t.png
Kylie (1 vote)
AUS3 kate t.png
AUS3 matt t.png
Matt (1 vote)
AUS3 sue t.png
AUS3 nick t.png
Nick (1 vote)
AUS3 conner t.png
AUS3 conner bw.png
Conner Bethune

Voting Confessionals

Nick's voting confessional was shown at the end of the episode.

AUS3 sue t.png

(voting against Matt) This is purely a strategic vote that I hope will work tonight.

AUS3 flick t.png

(voting against Conner) This is payback for not trusting me and flipping on me.

AUS3 nick t.png

(voting against Conner) I think you're too good at this game and you gotta go. Sorry, buddy.

Final Words

AUS3 conner bw.png

Ah well, what went wrong? It was unfortunate that I had come back into a tribe where I did have old allies, but unfortunately, they'd all moved on and created new safe relationships. I don't doubt Flick was the one behind me getting voted out. There are bigger threats in this game at the moment. I think they could've used me to further go into those schemes, and I think it would've worked really well for them, so it'll be interesting to see whether they made a mistake or not. I guess time will tell.

Still in the Running

AUS3 des bw.png
AUS3 bianca bw.png
AUS3 evan bw.png
AUS3 peter bw.png
AUS3 barry bw.png
AUS3 tegan bw.png
AUS3 rohan bw.png
AUS3 kat bw.png
AUS3 andrew bw.png
AUS3 craig bw.png
AUS3 phoebe bw.png
AUS3 conner bw.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 brooke t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 el t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 flick t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 jennahlouise t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 kate t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 kristie t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 kylie t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 lee t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 matt t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 nick t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 sam t.png
Fia Fia
AUS3 sue t.png


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