Australian Survivor: All Stars is the fifth season of the Network Ten incarnation of the competitive reality TV show Australian Survivor.

In a change to previous installments, the contestants are returning contestants from the four previous seasons.



  • All-Stars: For the first time, a cast entirely of former castaways returned for another shot at the title of Sole Survivor.


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe
AS7 brooke t Brooke Jowett
Australian Survivor (2016)
AS7 david t David Genat
Champions v Contenders (2019)
AS7 flick t Flick Egginton
Australian Survivor (2016)
AS7 henry t Henry Nicholson
Australian Survivor (2017)
AS7 mark t Mark Herlaar
Australian Survivor (2017)
AS7 mat t Mat Rogers
Champions v Contenders (2018)
AS7 nick t Nick Iadanza
Australian Survivor (2016)
AS7 phoebe t Phoebe Timmins
Australian Survivor (2016)

Season Summary

Voting History



  • This is the first season of Australian Survivor to include an all returning cast.


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