For the contestant from Survivor: Edge of Extinction, see Aurora McCreary.

Aurora is the merged tribe of Kadina and Tipara from Australian Survivor (2002). Their tribe color is gray, though they had no official buffs.


 Caren Shaw
AUS1 caren t.png
 Craig Abbot
AUS1 craig t.png
 Jane Dalton
AUS1 jane t.png
 Joel Betts
AUS1 joel t.png
 Katie Gold
AUS1 katie t.png
 Lance Brooks
AUS1 lance t.png
 Naomi Knight
AUS1 naomi t.png
 Rob Dickson
AUS1 rob t.png
 Sciona Browne
AUS1 sciona t.png
 Sophie Woods
AUS1 sophie t.png

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