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Ashley Trainer is a contestant from Survivor: Samoa.

Best known for being aligned with Russell Hantz and her sister-like bond with Natalie White, Ashley was a target for her weakness in challenges. When her tribe lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 14, she was subsequently voted out for being a challenge liability.


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Ashley Trainer (22)
Hometown: Maple Grove, Minn.
Occupation: Spa Sales

This 22 year-old woman describes herself as funny, outgoing and flirty, with an emphasis on flirty. Ashley once moved to San Diego for a relationship that did not work out, but now this bubbly former competitive cheerleader plans to use her flirty ways to endear herself to and at the same time manipulate the male castaways. Not only relying on her womanly wiles, Ashley feels that her strong determination will get her far in the game. She claims that she usually gets whatever she wants as long as she puts her heart and mind to it.

In her spare time, Ashley loves kickboxing, watching movies, and shopping. She describes her perfect day as sleeping in followed by working out and shopping, then ending her day with a nice dinner and a movie. During her time away from home, she will miss her mother, whom she describes as her best friend. She will also miss her favorite comfort item, which is her pillow.

Ashley works in a very competitive commission based sales job where she can sell almost anything. She has no qualms about selling items that she hates as long as it helps her reach her quota. She hopes that her "get it done" attitude will win her the title of Sole Survivor. Her first purchase, should she take home the grand prize, would be a condo or new house.

Currently, Ashley resides in Maple Grove, Minn. Her birth date is February 27.[1]


Ashley began the game on the Foa Foa tribe. On Day 1 she joined Russell Hantz's 'Dumb Girl's Alliance'. After Foa Foa lost the first Immunity Challenge she was targeted for being the weakest member of the tribe. Luckily for Ashley, Russell targeted Marisa Calihan because she didn't trust him. Russell managed to convince the majority of his tribe, including Ashley, to vote for Marisa. Ashley received three votes, but luckily, that was not enough to eliminate her as Marisa was eliminated in a 7-3 vote.

Ashley continued to stay in her alliance with Russell, which also included a strong sister-like alliance with Natalie White. Ashley and Natalie decided to tell each-other if their name would ever come up for elimination. After Foa Foa lost again Ashley followed Russell in voting out Betsy Bolan.

Ashley and fellow Foa Foa tribemate Ben Browning formed a strong rivalry caused by Ben constantly calling Ashley weak and generally insulting his tribe. When Foa Foa lost the Immunity Challenge again the tribe had to decide between voting out weak Ashley or abrasive Ben. Although Ashley was initially the target, Ben exploded at Tribal Council which sealed his fate and Ashley was able to avoid elimination.

Foa Foa was finally able to win immunity on Day 10, keeping Ashley safe for the first time in the game. Unfortunately, Foa Foa was unable to win again and after performing terribly in the Immunity Challenge, she was targeted. Due to the torrential rain, Foa Foa was unable to strategize and were forced to huddle in the shelter. Due to her weak challenge performance, along with the fact no one could strategise, Ashley was voted off in a unanimous vote over Liz Kim.

Voting History

Ashley's Voting History
Episode Ashley's
Voted Against
1 Marisa Betsy, Marisa,
2 Betsy -
3 Ben Ben
4 Foa Foa Tribe Immune
5 Liz Jaison, Liz, Mick,
Natalie, Russell H.
Voted Out, Day 14


  • On January 9, 2010, Ashley attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Ashley originally applied for The Amazing Race with a friend before being asked to apply for Survivor.[2]
  • Ashley was one of the two alternates added to compete on Samoa at the last minute.[3] The other was Galu's Erik Cardona.
  • Ashley is the youngest castaway to compete on Samoa.
  • Ashley received votes against her in every Tribal Council she appeared in except for one.


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