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Ashleigh Bryant is a contestant from Survivor South Africa: Champions.


Fresh-faced 22-year old Ashleigh looks as if she could still be in high school herself. Appearances can be deceiving, though – she's the mother of an 18-month boy and does podium dancing in her spare time. Ashleigh studied with the help of a bursary and intense tenacity: first a BA in Film, Ballet and Choreography before following up with a teaching diploma. The sexy flirt from Cape Town says she always gets what she wants – either by wrapping people around her little finger, or by plain hard work.

Survivor South Africa: Champions

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Voting History

Ashleigh's Voting History
Episode Ashleigh's
Voted Against
2 Shona Altaaf, David, Gena,
Graham, Moyra, Philip, Shona
Voted Out, Day 3


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  • Ashleigh was the youngest castaway to compete on Champions.


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