Asatoa is the merged tribe of Asaga and Samatau on Australian Survivor (2017). Their tribe color is black.


 Anneliese Wilson
AUS4 anneliese t
 Henry Nicholson
AUS4 henry t
 Jarrad Seng
AUS4 jarrad t
 Jericho Malabonga
AUS4 jericho t
 Locky Gilbert
AUS4 locky t
 Luke Toki
AUS4 luke t
 Michelle Dougan
AUS4 michelle t
 Peter Conte
AUS4 peter t
 Sarah Tilleke
AUS4 sarah t
 Tara Pitt
AUS4 tara t
 Tessa O'Halloran
AUS4 tessa t
 Ziggy Zagame
AUS4 ziggy t

Tribe History

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  • Despite the tribe color being black, all the chyrons in confessionals are in yellow.


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