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Asatoa is the merged tribe of Asaga and Samatau on Australian Survivor (2017). Their tribe color is black.


 Anneliese Wilson
AUS4 anneliese t.png
 Henry Nicholson
AUS4 henry t.png
 Jarrad Seng
AUS4 jarrad t.png
 Jericho Malabonga
AUS4 jericho t.png
 Locky Gilbert
AUS4 locky t.png
 Luke Toki
AUS4 luke t.png
 Michelle Dougan
AUS4 michelle t.png
 Peter Conte
AUS4 peter t.png
 Sarah Tilleke
AUS4 sarah t.png
 Tara Pitt
AUS4 tara t.png
 Tessa O'Halloran
AUS4 tessa t.png
 Ziggy Zagame
AUS4 ziggy t.png

Tribe History

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  • Despite the tribe color being black, all the chyrons in confessionals are in yellow.


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