Aristeo Cázares is a contestant from La Isla 2017: El Reality.

Chosen by production to be the captain of his tribe, he was loved by his tribe, with all of the men obeying him whenever they would go to Trial. However, a tie between him and Carmen Pino, which forced a rock draw, nominated him. He was unable to complete the challenge, so he was eliminated.


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Él es Aristeo Cázares, es originario de Veracruz, tiene 21 años de edad y fue uno de los guerreros seleccionados de la Isla 2017.[1]

La Isla: El Reality

Aristeo was the captain of the Godínez tribe. When the captains arrived to their Captains' Challenge, he was neck and neck with Luis Arellano, the captain of the Banda tribe, but Luis was able to surpass him and win by a big lead. On the next couple of challenges, he directed his team to winning, but only managed to stay in Medium Beach. Fortunately, his tribe won the first two Immunity Challenges. When he went to compete in the second Advantage and Disadvantage Challenge along with Carmen Pino and Sebastián Pastrana, he won the advantage. At the third Territorial Challenge, the team was disqualified for breaking the rules, and this pissed one of her tribemates, Antonieta Serdán off. He didn't like the way Antonieta handled the loss, so he said he would nominate her, and when they lost the third Immunity Challenge, he, along with Sebastián and Víctor Arechar nominated her. The tribe then managed to stay on Medium Beach for two more weeks, and win only one Immunity Challenge, losing the fifth one. Once they lost the challenge, the tribe wanted to nominate Aristeo, but he didn't want to, and offered to nominate Carmen in his place. But, at the Trial, he and Carmen went to a Deadlock tie, only getting Sebastián and Manuel Cortés to vote for Carmen, while Víctor, Carmen and Teresa Munguía voted for him. Since the vote was deadlocked, Carmen drew rocks, if she drew the white rock, she would be safe, and if she drew the black rock, Aristeo would be safe. Carmen drew the white rock and he was nominated against Yuriko Santander from the Banda tribe. At the Deathly Duel, he took an early lead against Yuriko but she passed him and defeated him, eliminating him from La Isla 2017.

Voting History

Aristeo's Voting History
Week # Aristeo's
Voted Against
1 Godínez Tribe Immune
2 Godínez Tribe Immune
3 Antonieta Antonieta, Víctor
4 Godínez Tribe Immune
5 Carmen;
Carmen, Teresa, Víctor;
Teresa, Víctor1
Aristeo's Duel History
Week # Duel # Duel Placement
1 Godínez Tribe Immune
2 Godínez Tribe Immune
3 3 None
4 Godínez Tribe Immune
5 5 Second
Eliminated, Day 20

^1 On Week 5, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Aristeo and Carmen, forcing a revote. Nobody changed their vote on the revote, forcing a rock drawing tiebreaker. Aristeo drew the black rock and was nominated.

Post-La Isla

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