Araw is the merged tribe of Luzon, Mindanao, and Visayas from Survivor South Africa: Philippines. Their tribe color is pink.


 Annalize Sainsbury
ZAS6 annalize t.png
 Chané Mynhardt
ZAS6 chane t.png
 Jeanne Michel
ZAS6 jeanne t.png
 Katinka Oosthuizen
ZAS6 katinka t.png
 Palesa Tau
ZAS6 palesa t.png
 PK Phetoe
ZAS6 pk t.png
 Tom Swartz
ZAS6 tom t.png
 Toni Tebbutt
ZAS6 toni t.png
 Vusi Mafulela
ZAS6 vusi t.png
 Werner Joubert
ZAS6 werner t.png

Tribe History



  • This tribe's name completes the "Three Stars and a Sun" (the symbols in the Philippine flag) theme of the tribe names, as the three stars represent the country's major island groups.


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