The Aparri Alliance is the alliance formed by the members of the post-switch Aparri tribe in Survivor: Cagayan.

The alliance was convened as a conscious response to the threat posed by the post-switch Solana Alliance, the existence of which was telegraphed by Tony Vlachos at an Immunity Challenge. After the merge, their initial majority was immediately undone by the defection of Kass McQuillen to the Solana group, resulting in the blindside of Sarah Lacina and setting the Aparri Alliance up for a losing battle. Despite this, the founding members and brain trust of the alliance (Tasha Fox and Spencer Bledsoe) were able to take advantage of intense mistrust within the opposing alliance in order to take part in multiple blindsides and survive well into the late game. Ultimately, though, Tony never took his betrayals so far as to cede control of the game, and the Aparri Alliance's last remaining member Spencer was eliminated in 4th place.


The Tribe Swap

On Day 12, Jeff announced a tribe swap. The new Aparri tribe became Alexis Maxwell, Jeremiah Wood, Kass McQuillen, Morgan McLeod, Sarah Lacina, Spencer Bledsoe, and Tasha Fox. Although the three ex-Luzon members (Kass, Spencer, and Tasha) initially thought Sarah would be the swing-vote between them and three original Solana members (Alexis, Jeremiah, and Morgan), they were surprised to discover the mutual distrust between the "beauties" and quickly found themselves in power positions.

Alexis or Jeremiah

After winning the Day 15 Reward Challenge, Tony Vlachos and Woo Hwang raided the Aparri camp, bringing along a Hidden Immunity Idol clue from Solana. They decided to target Jeremiah by giving him the clue, telling the rest of Aparri that it was a clue for the (non-existent) Aparri idol. In reality, it was a clue to the Solana idol. This prompted suspicion from the rest of the tribe, who worried that Jeremiah would defect to the Solana tribe post-merge.

After losing the Day 16 Immunity Challenge, Sarah, Kass, Spencer, Morgan, and Tasha agreed to vote off whomever they believed would flip to Solana after the merge. They debated between Alexis, who had strong friendships with Jefra Bland and LJ McKanas on the other tribe, and Jeremiah, who was given the "Aparri" idol clue by Tony and Woo. In the end, they deemed Alexis more dangerous and blindsided her in a 6-1 vote.

Betrayal at Tribal Council Night 19

The two tribes merged into the Solarrion tribe on Day 17, with Aparri having a 6-5 majority over Solana. However, Sarah and Kass began to disagree on who the Aparri Alliance would vote against first. Attempting to mediate the conflict, Tasha tried to explain Sarah's point of view to Kass. However, this only further irritated Kass, who believed that Tasha had sided with Sarah over her. Noticing this divide, Trish Hegarty approached Kass and attempted to persuade her to flip and vote out Sarah. At Tribal Council, the Aparri Alliance targeted Jefra, whom they believed was the least likely to possess an Idol. However, Kass sided with the Solana Alliance, blindsiding Sarah, and leaving the former Aparri members in the minority.

Pagonged by Solana

Following Sarah's blindside and Kass' defection, the Solana Alliance continued to eliminate the former Aparri members, beginning with Morgan, whom they viewed as undeserving for her lack of effort at camp. On Day 25, Tony grew paranoid with LJ's role in his alliance and worked with the Aparri Alliance to eliminate him. This move upset Jefra, who began to consider joining the Aparri Alliance. However, after talking with Trish, she decided to remain with Solana and voted against Jeremiah. However, Tasha and Spencer were spared as Tony and Woo joined them in voting against Jefra due to the fear of a women's alliance and due to Jefra being Tony's least trustworthy ally in his alliance. Tasha would then finally be voted out five days later, due to her immunity run coming to an end. Leaving Spencer as the only remaining loyal Aparri member.

Spencer's Last Stand

Despite his alliance being gone, Spencer won Immunity on Day 36, forcing the Solana Alliance to turn on each other once more, leading to Trish's blindside. Unfortunately, Spencer failed to win Immunity the next day, causing him to be targeted once more. In a last-ditch effort to save himself, Spencer tried to convince Tony he was at the bottom of his own alliance, telling him that he was a massive Jury threat and that neither Woo or Kass would take him to the end if either of them won the Final Immunity Challenge. However, it didn't work and Spencer was voted off in a 3-1 vote, becoming the eighth member of the jury.


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