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Aparri is a tribe from Survivor: Cagayan.

Originally known informally as the "Brawn" tribe, they used their brute strength to win every challenge prior to the Day 12 tribe switch, only to be rivaled by the "Beauty" Solana tribe. Despite being the most dominant of the three tribes, dissension, due to the lack of catharsis from Tribal Council, fractured the tribe. Their tribe color is orange.


Cliff Robinson
46, Buffalo, NY
Former NBA All-Star
S28 cliff t.png
Lindsey Ogle
29, Kokomo, IN
S28 lindsey t.png
Sarah Lacina
29, Cedar Rapids, IA
Police officer
S28 sarah t.png
Tony Vlachos
39, Jersey City, NJ
Police officer
S28 tony t.png
Trish Hegarty
47, Needham, MA
Pilates instructor
S28 trish t.png
Woo Hwang
29, Newport Beach, CA
Martial arts instructor
S28 woo t.png

 Alexis Maxwell
S28 alexis t.png
 Jeremiah Wood
S28 jeremiah t.png
 Kass McQuillen
S28 kass t.png
 Morgan McLeod
S28 morgan t.png
 Sarah Lacina
S28 sarah t.png
 Spencer Bledsoe
S28 spencer t.png
 Tasha Fox
S28 tasha t.png

Tribe History

The Brawn Tribe

The Brawn tribe started on a higher note, with no sign of conflict. Elected tribe leader Sarah Lacina deemed Trish Hegarty as the weakest member of the tribe and was sent to her camp via helicopter whilst her tribemates had to walk their way to it. Upon landing on camp, Trish was given a choice to pick an extra bag of rice or a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Wanting to improve her impression, the Trish decided to pick the former. The rest of the tribe arrived at camp, and was welcomed by Trish. The tribe shrugged the events of earlier and immediately went to build shelter. Harmony at Aparri was so apparent, the tribe did not even care having a well-off, former professional basketball star like Cliff Robinson on their team. The tribe went on finishing second place at the inaugural Immunity Challenge on Day 3.[1]

Aparri's first sign of dissension was on Day 4, when Trish and Lindsey got into a tiff over work ethic. This was exploited by Tony, who wanted Cliff, who was close to Lindsey, out. Tony would find himself in a position of power by finding the Hidden Immunity Idol. However, any strategy in Aparri was put on hold after the Brawns won first place at the second Immunity Challenge.[2]

On Night 6, despite initially denying to Sarah, a police officer by profession, that he was a cop as well, Tony Vlachos admitted that he and his wife were both cops. The two formed the "Cops-R-Us" alliance, with Sarah willing "to swear on her badge" to prove her loyalty. Wanting to keep Sarah further under his wing, Tony fabricated a lie about Cliff and Lindsey targeting her. For the third time however, the Brawns avoided Tribal Council, as they won the Immunity Challenge.[3]

Despite being the only tribe with all six of their members intact, paranoia was in an all-time high at Aparri on Day 7, as Sarah noticed Cliff and Lindsey being very close to each other, furthering her belief that they could have talked about gunning for her. The police officer asked Woo (an avid fan of Cliff's during his professional basketball years) if he was open to oust Cliff. Despite his fondness of Cliff, Woo joined her, Tony, and Trish established a secret alliance of four. The quartet did not have a chance to vote either Cliff or Lindsey because they won fourth Immunity Challenge.

Tribe Shuffle

On Day 12, a tribe switch occurred, spreading the 14 remaining castaways in to the new Aparri and Solana tribes. Five of the six original Aparri moved to the new Solana, leaving Sarah as the only Brawn left at the new Aparri. She was joined by all three remaining members of the dissolved Luzon tribe, Kass McQuillen, Spencer Bledsoe, and Tasha Fox, and three of the five members of the original Solana tribe, Alexis Maxwell, Jeremiah Wood, and Morgan McLeod.[4]

The new Aparri tribe found itself in a shadow of its former self, having a significant disadvantage going up against the new Solana: with only one original "Brawn" member (Sarah), all three of the former "Brains" tribe, and three of the remaining members of the "Beauty" tribe. The disparity was evident at the following Reward Challenge, which required physical contact between the tribes. Spencer and Jeremiah had no fighting chance against the massive Cliff. The Aparri lost its first challenge since its conception.

Back at camp, the former "Brain" tribe found themselves in a powerful position after a series of misfortunes, while the former "Beauty" tribe members were targeting each other, with Alexis, Jeremiah, and Morgan all seeking support from the Brains. At the fifth Immunity Challenge, despite trailing during the physical segment of the challenge, the former Brains excelled at the mental segment, winning the new Aparri the challenge.

After the surprise elimination of Cliff and voluntary exit of Lindsey (after getting into a feud with Trish), the new Aparri had the upper hand: they had the former Brawn's creature comforts (tarp, pillows, blankets), and the all-important numbers advantage come the merge. However, they lost the Reward Challenge, in which the winning tribe gets to raid the losing tribe's camp, and receives a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Tony and Woo formed the raid for Solana, where they gave the idol clue to Jeremiah, under the notion that they were also there to hand a clue to one of them. The gesture sparked controversy among the Aparri members, most notably Alexis, who thought Jeremiah was secretly working with them. Jeremiah dispelled all rumors, saying that they gave the clue to him to incite mistrust, and the clue he received was the same clue the former Beauty tribe won from a past Reward Challenge. When Aparri lost the next Immunity Challenge, Spencer attempted to swerve the vote from Jeremiah to Alexis, believing that Alexis was being disingenuous and more likely to flip than Jeremiah. At Aparri's only Tribal Council during its tenure as a Survivor tribe, Alexis and Jeremiah were in hot water because of their seeming capacity to flip sides after the merge. Ultimately though, it was Alexis who was sent packing in a unanimous 6-1 vote.[5]


On Day 17, the Aparri tribe welcomed the Solana tribe to their camp for the merge. Wearing black, the new Solarrion tribe lived the rest of their days in the game at Aparri's camp. 



  • Aparri is the first orange starting tribe in a season with three starting tribes. 
  • With an average age of 36.67, Aparri has the oldest combined age of all three tribes in Survivor: Cagayan.
  • The Aparri tribe lived at the same beach as Galang, Siwangag cove.
  • Aparri has some similarities with the Survivor: All-Stars tribe, Chapera:
    • Both tribes were the most dominant tribe of their respective seasons.
    • The tribal shuffle moved all but one member of the tribe to the rival tribe. For Chapera, it was Amber Brkich. For Aparri, it was Sarah Lacina.
    • The tribes lost two members before the merge, with one male being blindsided, and a female quitting, entering with four members.
    • Both tribes were in seasons with only two finalists facing the jury, and the final two were both from the same tribe.
    • Both tribes started their respective season without a winner but would eventually produce two winners.


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