Anthony Robinson is a contestant from Survivor: Fiji.

Labelled "unlikable" and "shifty", Anthony failed to connect with the more masculine men who were on his tribe, most notably Rocky Reid, who he constantly argued with. After a tribe switch failed to help Anthony, he was eliminated after a tense Tribal Council.


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Growing up in Compton, California, Anthony Robinson was raised by his mother and grandmother. After high school, Robinson moved to New Haven, Connecticut where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies from Yale University. While at Yale, he performed in two college plays and various college sketch comedy shows with Yale's "The Fifth Humour."

Robinson currently works in legal support services where he helps find expert witnesses for attorneys. He also coordinates the inspections, exams and testimonies. He previously worked in public relations and in computer support and sales.

Robinson enjoys gaming—live action role-playing (dressing up in costumes and reliving an era or genre), video games and poker. He also enjoys dancing, juggling, roller hockey, watching movies and creating his own movies. He describes himself as friendly, dorky and intelligent. He is a member of the Yale Alumni Association and a genre writing group called "Fictionados."

Robinson is currently single and living with his mother and grandmother in Compton, California. His birth date is June 25, 1974.[1]


Anthony was on the disadvantaged Ravu tribe, and although he made some friendships, particularly with Earl Cole, repeated challenge losses and a few bad performances on Anthony's part began to make him a target. Mookie Lee and Rocky Reid were particularly critical of him, the former slating his performance at the Fijian feast Immunity Challenge at the Day 8 Tribal Council and the latter antagonizing him throughout camp life. Anthony narrowly survived that Tribal Council by voting out Sylvia Kwan, though he was the secondary split vote target in case she found the Hidden Immunity Idol at Exile Island. After a heated conversation, though Rocky did most of the speaking, Anthony broke down in confessional, but vowed not to give up. Fortunately for Anthony, Rita Verreos began to annoy Rocky even more than he did, making Rita the next to go on Day 14 in a 5-2 vote.

In a Schoolyard Pick style tribe switch, Anthony by default joined Ravu, which remained the inferior camp but on paper had the stronger tribe, consisting of Dreamz Herd, Edgardo Rivera, Alex Angarita, Rocky, Mookie, and himself. However, he was the clear weak link and was designated the fire starter while the rest of the tribe went to get food. After losing yet another Immunity Challenge on Day 17, Rocky openly targeted Anthony, forcing Anthony to return the favor. Though the original Moto members liked Anthony, they decided to keep the stronger Rocky and unanimously voted Anthony out that night 6-1, though not before Anthony finally stood up for himself and slated Rocky for his attitude.

Voting History

Anthony's Voting History
Episode Anthony's
Voted Against
1 Jessica -
2 Sylvia -
3 Sylvia Mookie, Rocky, Sylvia
4 Ravu Tribe Immune
5 Rita Michelle, Rita
6 Rocky Alex, Dreamz, Edgardo,
Mookie, Rocky
Voted Out, Day 16



  • Anthony is the first man voted out of Fiji, though not the first to be eliminated.
    • He is the only man to be voted out in Fiji and not be on the jury.
  • Anthony is the first contestant to be voted out on Day 16.
  • Anthony received the most votes in Fiji, with 10 votes cast against him.
  • Anthony formerly lasted the most days of all Survivor contestants who were eliminated without winning a challenge, lasting 16 days. His record was broken by Reem Daly in Edge of Extinction, who lasted 35 days.
    • However, this is only due to the Edge of Extinction twist, as she was voted out on Day 3. Without the twist, Anthony would still hold the record.


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