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Angkor (អង្គរ) is a tribe from Survivor: Cambodia.

After an unprecedented tribe switch, the Angkor tribe was sent to live in hardship, having been assigned to a beach with relatively fewer resources as the Bayon and Ta Keo camps. This debilitated them physically, but they kept their spirits up as best as they could when walking into challenges. Their tribe color is yellow.


 Abi-Maria Gomes
S31 abimaria t.png
 Andrew Savage
S31 andrew t.png
 Jeff Varner
S31 jeff t.png
 Peih-Gee Law
S31 peihgee t.png
 Tasha Fox
S31 tasha t.png
 Woo Hwang
S31 woo t.png

Tribe History

On Day 7, the Bayon and Ta Keo tribes underwent an unusually early tribe switch, but unlike switches from previous seasons, a third tribe, named Angkor, was introduced. A draw of Buffs sent Andrew Savage and Tasha Fox from the original Bayon and Abi-Maria Gomes, Jeff Varner, Peih-Gee Law, and Woo Hwang from the original Ta Keo to the new Angkor tribe, much to their dismay as they had to build a new camp from scratch. Arriving at their beach, Angkor realized that they were at a disadvantage: only having fishing gear, a flint, a pot and a machete; while the beach itself was barren of most food sources, as opposed to their former tribes which had the luxury of having the items and food rations from the marooning.

Being the only tribe where the original Ta Keo outnumbered the original Bayon, Abi-Maria, Jeff, Peih-Gee, and Woo initially agreed to stick together, but Abi-Maria harbored resentment toward Peih-Gee and Woo back in at old Ta Keo. Andrew and Tasha seized the opportunity to persuade Abi-Maria and Jeff. Jeff, who had been Abi-Maria's ally from the beginning, thought Andrew and Tasha's scrambling were irrelevant.

At Angkor's first Immunity Challenge on Day 8, the tribe performed valiantly, but narrowly lost to Bayon. Moments after the challenge, Jeff was caught by Tasha mouthing words to his former Ta Keo tribemate Kelly Wiglesworth, now on Bayon. Back at camp, the ex-Ta Keo members struggled to come together as Varner's botched deal had turned the tribe against him while Abi-Maria remained embittered towards Peih-Gee and Woo. At the Day 9 Tribal Council, the pairs Abi-Maria and Jeff and Peih-Gee and Woo conceded to Andrew and Tasha, telling them the vote was in their control. In the end, Andrew and Tasha sided with Abi-Maria and Jeff, voting Peih-Gee out, 4-2. The arrangement between the four however was short-lived as Abi-Maria became upset upon seeing Tasha comforting Woo for feeling left out from the vote. Because it was Woo's second time to write her name down, Abi-Maria was bent on sending Woo home at the next opportunity, much to Andrew and Tasha's annoyance, describing Abi-Maria's fits as deep-rooted insecurities.

At the next Reward Challenge on Day 10, only one member competed for each tribe, in which Angkor chose Andrew. A visibly exhausted Andrew finished first, leaving his tribemates emotional, lamenting their lack of resources. Tasha attributed this victory to Andrew's sheer determination. Enjoying their feast, the Angkor tribe grew closer and felt optimistic for an immunity win.

During the Day 11 Immunity Challenge, Jeff was left exhausted to carry too many of their puzzle pieces, causing the tribe to suffer another second loss. Back at camp, Abi-Maria, Andrew, and Tasha were torn between Jeff, who had incurred a toe injury at the challenge on top of him being a liability in challenges, and Woo, whom Abi-Maria distrusted. Despite not needing Abi's vote to send either of them home, the original Bayon pair included her in the decision. At Tribal Council, Jeff and Woo each passionately pled their case, but it was Jeff's second chance that came to an end in a 4-1 vote.

The next day, the debilitated tribe had an upstreak, winning second in the Reward Challenge, receiving a tarp, and first in the next Immunity Challenge after Bayon's Stephen Fishbach accidentally scored a point on their behalf.

On Day 14, a second tribe switch dissolved the Angkor tribe, spreading the 14 remaining castaways in the new Bayon and Ta Keo tribes.

Challenge History

Episode Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out Result Eliminated
3 Draggin' the Dragon Immunity None Lost Peih-Gee
3rd Voted Out
Day 9
4 Stomp-ede Reward Abi-Maria, Jeff,
Tasha, Woo
1st Jeff
4th Voted Out
Day 11
Blind Leading the Blind Immunity None Lost
5 In the Barrel Reward None 2nd Tribe Immune
Air Raid Immunity None 1st
Tribe Dissolved, Day 14

Voting History

Expanded Tribes
Episode 3 4 5 6
Voted Out S31 peihgee t.png
S31 jeff t.png
Vote 4-2 4-1 3-2-1
Tasha Peih-Gee Jeff
Abi-Maria Peih-Gee Jeff
Andrew Peih-Gee Jeff
Woo Abi-Maria Jeff
Jeff Peih-Gee Woo
Peih-Gee Abi-Maria



  • If The Outcasts are not considered to be an official tribe, Angkor is the 100th tribe in Survivor history.
  • Angkor is the first ever auxiliary tribe.
  • Angkor is currently the only auxiliary tribe not to be green.
  • Angkor is the only post-expansion tribe in Cambodia where the former Ta Keo tribe outnumbered the former Bayon tribe.
  • Angkor is the second non-merged tribe with a Hidden Immunity Idol that was never found, following Galang from Blood vs. Water.
    • Unlike Galang's idol, this idol was never hidden, as nobody found the clue leading to its location at a challenge site.
  • The location of Angkor's camp is in the same place as To Tang's camp in Kaôh Rōng.


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