Angie Bennett is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Malaysia.


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I love to be challenged and I think it's one of the greatest life experiences that I could ever have the opportunity to do...

Age: 30
Star sign: Cancer
Lives in: Mowbray
Occupation: Boot Camp Instructor
Super-hot Angie is a SA Muay Thai (full contact martial arts) champion who obtained her honours degree in psychology cum laude.
Why could she survive in Malaysia? This GI Jane is as hard as nails. She's a smart risk-taker and straight-shooter who's prepared to walk over anyone.
Describes herself as... "a very active person with inner strength and resolve who knows how to get what she wants."[2]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Angie's Voting History
Episode Angie's
Voted Against
1 Nomfundo -
2 Iban Tribe Immune
3 Viwe -
4 Elsie Elsie
5 Iban Tribe Immune
6 Rijesh -
7 Iban Tribe Immune
8 Irshaad Irshaad
9 Hein -
10 Dyke Angela
11 Angela Individual Immunity
12 Amanda Amanda,
Lorette, Mandla
Voted Out, Day 25
Voted for
Sole Survivor




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