Angela Beck is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Malaysia.


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I keep myself motivated and have been told I motivate others.

Age: 23
Star sign: Scorpio
Lives in: Krugersdorp
Occupation: Modelling Coach
Angela runs four of her own businesses and trains aspiring models. She has won over fifty beauty pageant titles herself, including Miss Tourism International 2003 held in Malaysia.
Why she could survive in Malaysia: She may be young, sweet and pretty, but don't underestimate her! She's also super-motivated, goal-oriented and highly ambitious and always has her ear to the ground.
Describes herself as... "strong-willed and determined. I keep myself motivated and have been told I motivate others."[2]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Angela's Voting History
Episode Angela's
Voted Against
1 Bajau Tribe Immune
2 Nicola -
3 Bajau Tribe Immune
4 Bajau Tribe Immune
5 Nichal -
6 Bajau Tribe Immune
7 Lisa -
8 Bajau Tribe Immune
9 Lorette -
10 Angie -
11 Grant Angie, Grant,
Lorette, Mandla
Voted Out, Day 23
Voted for
Sole Survivor




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