Andrew Savage is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Cambodia.

In Pearl Islands, Andrew was the leader of the Morgan tribe and was considered its strongest member. However, when The Outcasts returned, Andrew resented them. This would be his demise as Lillian Morris, one of the returning Outcasts, jumped ship at the merge, resulting in Andrew's and the Morgan tribe's demise.

In Cambodia, Andrew was part of the Bayon majority alliance but got blindsided shortly after the merge when Kelley Wentworth used a Hidden Immunity Idol.


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Born in Utica, New York, Andrew M. Savage currently resides in Chicago with his wife, Stephanie (who is originally from the island of Mauritius), and their two daughters, Mackenzie, 5, and Skyleur, 3. He is currently employed as an intellectual property attorney at a major Chicago law firm. Savage and his wife previously owned an import/export company in South Africa. Savage earned a Juris Doctorate in law from the University of Cincinnati. His three favorite hobbies are rugby, cross-training and playing with his wife and kids. He describes himself as athletic, adventurous and ambitious. He is most proud of the fact that he met and married his soul mate and fathered two angelic girls. He is also proud of his brother, John, a singer/songwriter who has topped the charts on MP3 for his self-titled 1998 release, "John Savage" (a new release is due in the Fall of 2003). His hero is Nelson Mandela because he feels he is the truest Sole Survivor. In Savage's words, "President Mandela outwitted, outplayed and outlasted a troubled nation decimated by racism to eventually lead the country down the path to equality." He feels he's up for Survivor: Pearl Islands because of his intelligence, athleticism and ability to get along with everyone in emotionally charged situations. His birth date is July 29, 1963.[1]

Name: Andrew Savage
Season 7
Survivor: Pearl Islands
Current Age: 51
Hometown: San Jose, CA[2]


Pearl Islands

Andrew Savage was the last person called out to the Morgan tribe. After reaching camp, Andrew assumed the leadership position unchallenged. Morgan lost the first Immunity Challenge. Lillian Morris informed the tribe that Nicole Delma was trying to blindside Tijuana Bradley. Andrew joined the rest of the tribe in voting out the untrustworthy Nicole over the weak Lillian. After Nicole's elimination, Andrew was in a majority alliance with Ryan OprayDarrah Johnson, Tijuana, and Osten Taylor. Morgan generally lost challenges and the Drake tribe constantly looted the Morgan camp. This became a large problem when Sandra Diaz-Twine looted the tarp and dismantled the shelter in the process. Andrew became upset when Osten announced he wanted to quit. Andrew denied Osten's wish to be eliminated at Tribal Council and voted out the perceived weakest member Ryan Shoulders. Lillian was upset that Ryan S. was voted out over Osten as she felt that Osten quit on the tribe and thus deserved to be voted out, but Andrew disagreed saying he didn't actually quit. Lillian was voted out next on Andrew's request.

At the Immunity Challenge, Morgan finally won after Drake threw the challenge. An additional stipulation included was that the Morgan tribe won the right to kidnap one of the Drake members. They chose to kidnap Rupert Boneham. Rupert viewed the tribe's work as poor and help them improved their camp. With Rupert's help, Morgan won its first Reward Challenge for a shower, shampoo, conditioner, sponges, rain jackets, and a pot for boiling water. Andrew was selected to loot the Drake camp, where he took a bag of rice. Morgan won its third challenge in a row, much to Andrew's satisfaction. At camp, Andrew was embarrassed by Osten's behavior toward a pelican (which Ryan Opray would name Pete) that came toward the camp. Morgan lost the next Reward Challenge and Drake sent Jon Dalton to loot the camp. Jon behaved himself at the camp. Andrew was impressed by this, and even gave him some shampoo as a diplomatic gesture. However, Jon revealed that the Drake tribe threw the challenge that got Morgan its first immunity win. Andrew was angered by the fact that Jon tried to take the satisfaction of their victory away from them. Andrew made Jon eat his words by holding 180 pounds at the Immunity Challenge, giving Morgan another victory.

The tribe numbers were even when the first six eliminated players returned for one last shot at redemption. The Outcast won the challenge, sending Drake and Morgan to Tribal Council. At Morgan's Tribal Council, Osten once again said he wanted to quit. After the whole tribe verbally promised Osten that they would vote him out, a regular vote was deemed unnecessary and Osten became the first person to quit Survivor.

Lillian and Burton Roberts were selected by The Outcasts tribe to return to the game and Lillian rejoined Morgan. Andrew still shunned Lillian, making her question her trust toward them. The next day, the tribes merged, and everyone headed to the Drake camp. Unable to win immunity, Andrew was targeted for being the leader of the Morgan tribe, in addition to being the biggest physical threat. Andrew and the other former Morgan tribe members tried to turn the vote against Jon (whom he called "Little Jon" to irritate him), but Lillian flipped. Andrew was blindsided in a 6-4 vote.

Voting History

Andrew's Voting History
Episode Andrew's
Voted Against
1 Nicole -
2 Ryan S. -
3 Lillian -
4 Morgan Tribe Immune
5 Morgan Tribe Immune
6 Morgan Tribe Immune
7 No Vote
8 Jon Burton, Christa, Jon,
Lillian, Rupert, Sandra
Voted Out, Day 21


Andrew was one of twenty castaways chosen by public vote to compete on the second chance season, Survivor: Cambodia.

Andrew started on the Bayon tribe. On Day 1, he formed an alliance with Jeremy Collins. On Day 2, he told his tribe a heartfelt story about how he met his wife and this made everyone including himself cry. Then Jeremy leaves the shelter and Stephen Fishbach accuses him of looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Then Andrew went to comfort Jeremy and then told him that Stephen accused him of looking for the idol so they decided to target Stephen. Bayon won the first two Immunity Challenges. On Day 7, a tribe swap occurred. Both Andrew and Tasha Fox were switched to Angkor the third tribe. They were joined by original Ta Keo's Woo Hwang, Jeff Varner, Abi-Maria Gomes, and Peih-Gee Law. Despite being on the bottom, both Andrew and Tasha made deals with the other Ta Keo's to protect them. After losing the Immunity Challenge both Andrew and Tasha campaigned for Varner's elimination, but Abi wanted to get rid of Law because of their conflict. At Tribal Council, Savage and Tasha along with Varner sided with Abi and sent Law home. After they lost their second Immunity Challenge in the row both Andrew and Tasha got Varner voted off. Fortunately for Angkor they won the next Immunity Challenge. On Day 14, another tribe swap occurred. Andrew, Woo, and Abi switched to the Ta Keo tribe. He was joined by original Bayon's Ciera Eastin and Kass McQuillen and former Ta Keo's Kelly Wiglesworth and Spencer Bledsoe. After Ta Keo won the Reward Challenge, Andrew got Abi, Woo, Ciera, and Kass to target Spencer, but told them that they would tell Spencer that Ciera was the target, which made her question her position in the alliance. After losing the Immunity Challenge Andrew's alliance confirmed that they will target Spencer. However, Woo was blindsided due to Abi, Kass, and Ciera siding with Spencer.

On Day 17, Andrew was very angry at Kass for betraying him and believed that she was no longer loyal to Bayon. Later that day the tribes merged. Andrew was reunited with Jeremy and his other allies. Both Andrew and Jeremy rekindled their original alliance with Kimmi Kappenberg, Tasha, and Stephen with the addition of Kelly. After Ciera told Jeremy and Joe Anglim that Andrew and Woo discussed getting rid of them, Andrew denied saying that and targeted her. After the Immunity Challenge, Andrew wanted to vote Ciera out for the lies she had spread, however, some of the others wanted to target Kass. At that point, Andrew's Bayon alliance held the majority of Kass's and Ciera's minority alliance which consisted of those two, Kelley Wentworth and Abi. The Bayon alliance decided to split their votes between Kass and Ciera, and at Tribal Council, Kass was voted out, however, Andrew received a vote from Ciera. After losing the next Reward Challenge, Andrew overheard Stephen's plan to blindside Joe, so he outed him to Joe after Joe returned from the reward trip. After the Immunity Challenge, Andrew and Joe recruited Kelly, Kelley Wentworth, Ciera, and Abi to blindside Stephen but Jeremy was able to talk Andrew out of it. At Tribal Council, the Bayon alliance voted for Kelley. However, Kelley played her idol which negated the nine votes against her and Kelley, Abi, and Ciera's votes sent Andrew home. While leaving, Abi told him that he at least made the jury, which annoyed Andrew and he flipped her off.

At the Final Tribal Council, Andrew called Spencer and Jeremy arrogant for their actions in Kelley Wentworth and Kimmi's last Tribal Councils respectively. Ultimately, Andrew voted for Jeremy who won in a unanimous 10-0-0 vote.

Voting History

Andrew's Voting History
Episode Andrew's
Voted Against
1 Bayon Tribe Immune
2 Bayon Tribe Immune
3 Peih-Gee -
4 Jeff -
5 Angkor Tribe Immune
6 Spencer -
7 Kass Ciera
8 Kelley1 Abi-Maria,
Ciera, Kelley
Voted Out, Day 21
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In You Call, We'll Haul, Kelley used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Andrew's vote against her.




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