Andrea Escalona is a contestant on La Isla 2017: El Reality.

She has a charismatic personality and is good at balancing challenges. However, her poor physical condition and not lack of swimming ability caused her to be eliminated.


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Andrea Escalona, originaria de la Ciudad de México y actriz.[1]

La Isla: El Reality

Andrea was part of the Pudientes tribe. At Low Beach she managed to keep the spirit and not to be destroyed by the discomfort of this beach. Her tribe chose the other two women for the advantage and punishment challenge because they considering Andrea as the weakest, her tribe did not stop losing and they had to go to trial. At the Trial, she was nominated by a 5-2 vote for being weak. She lost against Silverio Dionicio at the Deathly Duel, so she was the first person eliminated of La Isla 2017.

Voting History

Andrea's Voting History
Week # Andrea's
Voted Against
1 Juan Carlos Ayra, Fernanda,
Isidro, Juan Carlos,
Miguel N.
Andrea's Duel History
Week # Duel # Duel Placement
1 1 Second
Eliminated, Day 4

Post-La Isla

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  • She was the first contestant to announce that she was competing in La Isla 2017.


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