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Andrea Boehlke is a contestant from Survivor: Redemption Island, Survivor: Caramoan, and Survivor: Game Changers.

Andrea started her Survivor career subservient to Boston Rob's Stealth R Us alliance before coming into her own and playing with more agency, as she showed in her subsequent appearances in Caramoan and Game Changers. Her aptitude in the strategic, social, and physical components of the game have taken her far in each of her outings, allowing her to be the first post-Heroes vs. Villains player to survive over 100 days. However, her status as a triple threat has consistently made her an unfavorable opponent in any Final Tribal Council scenario, causing each of her games to end prematurely in a blindside.


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Name (Age): Andrea Boehlke (21)
Tribe Designation: Ometepe
Current Residence: Random Lake, Wis.
Occupation: Student (University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point)
Personal Claim to Fame: Paying for my own college education and making the Dean's list every semester.
Inspiration in Life: My parents are my inspiration because they are hard-working, down-to-earth and both have a great sense of humor.
Hobbies: Sports, theater, horseback riding, hunting and outdoor activities.
Pet Peeves: "Girly-girls" and electric staplers.
3 Words to Describe You: Hard-working, competitive and outgoing.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Perhaps a mixture of J.T. because he is hard-working and has a farm background and Parvati because she's competitive and knows how to have fun, but I'm also very unique.
Reason for being on Survivor: I crave adventures. I also want to prove how tough I am.
Why you think you'll "survive" Survivor: Growing up on a farm and being a member of the 4-H club has made me both outdoorsy and resourceful. I'm also mentally tough and a bit of a social butterfly. I love being challenged and can handle the pressure.

Why you think you will be the Sole Survivor: People will underestimate me based on my looks, but I am tremendously competitive and driven. I'm feisty, brave and can manipulate people while remaining likeable.[1]

Name (Age): Andrea Boehlke (23)
Tribe Designation: Bikal
Previous Season: Survivor: Redemption Island – 14th castaway voted out/8th Jury Member
Current Residence: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Entertainment Host and Writer
Claim to Fame: Moving to New York from Wisconsin on a whim and I'm still here!
Inspiration in Life: My father, Royal Boehlke - he's one of a kind!
Hobbies: Horseback riding, sports, traveling and getting paid to talk.
Pet Peeves: New York men who cat call women as we walk by. I don't understand what that accomplishes.
3 Words to Describe You: Quirky, driven and fierce.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why: 1) Yoga mat – It could serve as tarp/blanket/world's shortest slip 'n slide. 2) Juggling balls filled with rice – I've always wanted this. 3) A Unicorn, but not one that could fly.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: I guess I'm a smidge like Stephenie LaGrossa when it comes to being a force in challenges and being a bit of a tomboy.
Reason for Being on Survivor: I can't really get myself to turn down a second adventure of a lifetime, so here I go again!
Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: Besides having the outdoors stuff down, I now have one season under my belt and aim to come out of the gate swinging. I'm hoping all of the crazy people will target each other right off the bat.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: There's so much luck involved, but overall I am pretty good at making friends/alliances and can be pretty sneaky if I want to be. I plan to come out strong and aggressive in an all or nothing fashion and hopefully it works in my favor.[2]

Age: 27
Hometown: New York, NY
Previously played on:
Season 22: Redemption Island, Finished 5th & Jury Member
Season 26: Caramoan, Finished 7th & Jury Member
How have you changed since the last time you played? I'm older and wiser! I was only 21 the first time I played Survivor and then 23 during my second season. I definitely feel more confident as a person, so, hopefully this translates to the game and I'm not-so paranoid. I'm also not so boy crazy, which is ideal!
What skills do you bring to Survivor that will make you a useful member of the group and what skills have you been learning since you last played? I'm confident in my challenge skills, so I know I'll be a great asset early on. After playing two seasons, I know how to work my social skills to form a solid group. My biggest hurdle will be to not come across as a schemer. In Caramoan, I was constantly on the chopping block for that reason, so I've been coming up with strategies to avoid that.
What are you most proud of from the last time? I was pretty satisfied with my game in Caramoan for the reason that I was able to last as long as I did despite being high on the hit list of many people. I was also proud of myself for being able to laugh at being blindsided, and realize it's just a game.
What, if anything, do you most regret? Ha! There's a long list, but off the top of my head it would have to be finding myself in a showmance again! Not playing the Idol! Trusting Cochran!

How will you play differently this time? I will have to play a low-key aggressive game. I definitely tried to overcorrect my Redemption Island game by playing very aggressively in Caramoan, but I think everyone could see I was trying to "make moves." I have to find some sort of balance between the two and also try to break away from my "us vs. them" old-fashioned way of playing the game. I have to be open to working with every single person.[3]


Redemption Island[]

Main article: Andrea Boehlke/Redemption Island

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Ometepe Push It Uphill Reward/Immunity No Lost
2 Smash, Grab, Smash Reward/Immunity No Lost
3 Spin Cycle Reward/Immunity No Won
4 Toolin' Around Reward/Immunity No Lost
5 Smoko Reward/Immunity No Won
6 Beach Balls Reward/Immunity No Won
7 Crash Course Reward/Immunity No Won
Tribes Merged, Day 19
8 Murlonio Roller Ball Immunity Lost
9 Meso Soup Immunity Lost
Gang Hang Immunity No Won
10 Mayan Pizza Immunity Lost
11 Log Jam Reward/Immunity Invited1
Flashback Immunity Lost
12 Step on Up Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 32
13 Murlonio A Maze N' Jig Duel 3rd
14 A Leg Up Won
Returned, Day 36
14 Murlonio A Numbers Game Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 37
^1 Grant shared his reward with Andrea.

Episode Andrea's
Voted Against
1 Kristina -
2 Kristina1 -
3 Ometepe Tribe Immune
4 Kristina -
5 Ometepe Tribe Immune
6 Ometepe Tribe Immune
7 Ometepe Tribe Immune
8 Matt -
9 Mike -
David Individual Immunity
10 Julie -
11 Ralph -
Steve -
12 Phillip Ashley, Grant,
Natalie, Phillip, Rob
Voted Out, Day 32
13 On Redemption Island
Returned, Day 36
14 Rob2 Ashley, Natalie,
Phillip, Rob
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "You Own My Vote", Kristina used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Andrea's vote against her.
^2 In "Seems Like a No Brainer", Rob used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Andrea's vote against him.


Main article: Andrea Boehlke/Caramoan

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Bikal Water Slaughter Reward No Won
It's a Long Way to the Top Immunity No Lost
2 Plunge, Pull, Pop Reward/Immunity No Won
3 Cell Block Sea Reward/Immunity No Won
4 Head and Shoulders Reward No Won
Smash and Grab Immunity No Won
5 Nut Bucket Reward Yes Won
Crate Outdoors Immunity No Lost1
Switched Tribes, Day 15
6 Gota Crate Outdoors Immunity No Won
7 Hot Pursuit Reward No Won
Phoenix Rises Immunity No Won
Tribes Merged, Day 20
8 Enil Edam Caramoan Catering Immunity Lost
9 Jump Shot Reward No Lost
Last Gasp Immunity Lost
10 Muddy Waters Reward Lost
Keel Hauling Immunity No Lost
11 Survivor Auction
Drop A Log Immunity Lost
12 Bermuda Triangle Reward/Immunity Won
Fun Climb Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 33
^1 Bikal opted to forfeit the Immunity Challenge, giving the win to Gota by default.

Episode Andrea's
Voted Against
1 Francesca Brandon, Brenda,
Erik, Francesca
2 Bikal Tribe Immune
3 Bikal Tribe Immune
4 Bikal Tribe Immune
5 Brandon -
6 Gota Tribe Immune
7 Gota Tribe Immune
8 Corinne -
9 Michael Eddie, Michael,
10 Eddie1 -
11 Malcolm;
Eddie, Malcolm,
12 Reynold Individual Immunity
Brenda Brenda, Erik, Sherri
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Zipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest", Eddie used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Andrea's vote against him.
^2 In "Come Over to the Dark Side", the vote ended with a 3-3-3 tie between Andrea, Malcolm, and Reynold, forcing a revote. On the revote, Andrea did not receive any votes to be eliminated.

Game Changers[]

Main article: Andrea Boehlke/Game Changers

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Nuku The Marooning Reward No Won
Blue Lagoon Bustle Reward/Immunity No Won
Serpent Turf Reward/Immunity No Won
Switched Tribes, Day 7
2 Tavua Austin's Elemental Obstacle Course Reward/Immunity No 2nd
3 Ram-Ball On Reward Yes Lost
Ow-Pairs Immunity No Won
4 Unchained Medley Reward No 1st
Box CarBlues Immunity No 2nd
Switched Tribes, Day 14
5 Nuku Cargo Salvage Immunity No Lost
6 Dulcimer Stomp Reward No Won
Plunge, Pop, Pull Immunity No Lost
Tribes Merged, Day 19
7 Maku Maku Keep on Your Toes Immunity Won
New School Reward Won
Get a Grip Immunity Lost
8 O-Black Water Reward No Won
Got a Hunch Immunity Lost
9 Angry Chair Reward Won
High Step and Stack Immunity Won
10 Full Tilt Bogey Reward Won
Can't Buoy Me Love Immunity Lost
11 Teeter Tower Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 33

Episode Andrea's
Voted Against
1 Nuku Tribe Immune
Nuku Tribe Immune
2 Tavua Tribe Immune
3 Tavua Tribe Immune
4 Tavua Tribe Immune
5 Sandra -
6 Jeff -
7 Michaela Individual Immunity
Zeke -
8 Debbie Brad, Debbie,
Sierra, Tai, Troyzan
9 Zeke Individual Immunity
10 Sierra Brad, Sierra,
11 Brad Brad, Cirie, Michaela,
Sarah, Tai, Troyzan
Voted Out, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor



Andrea and her then-boyfriend, Josh Henderson.


  • Both of Andrea's parents applied for Survivor before her.[11]
  • In every pre-merge Tribal Council Andrea attended in Redemption Island, she voted for Kristina Kell.
  • Andrea is the first woman to win a duel on Redemption Island.
  • Andrea is the first woman to compete in more than one Redemption Island duel.
  • Andrea is the first woman to return from Redemption Island. She would be followed by Laura Morett and Tina Wesson.
  • Andrea is tied with Rick Devens for the most in-game days in a single season of all contestants who have returned to the game at 32.
  • Andrea lost 13 lbs. during her time on Redemption Island.[12]
  • In Caramoan, Andrea became the first woman to be voted out while in possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Andrea lost 11 lbs. during her time on Caramoan.[13]
  • Andrea is close friends with Big Brother 17 contestant Meg Maley and she appeared in Meg's introductory video package.[14]
  • Andrea is the youngest member of the original Nuku tribe.
  • Andrea is the third castaway to compete in at least three seasons of Survivor and make the merge each time, following Amanda Kimmel and Ozzy Lusth. She would be followed by Joe Anglim, Sarah Lacina, and Jeremy Collins.
    • Andrea, however, is one of two three-time players to always make it to the jury phase of the game, but never reach the Final Tribal Council. The other is Joe Anglim.
  • Andrea is the first female returning player to win individual immunity in three separate seasons and the second overall following Rob Mariano. They would be followed by Jeremy Collins.
  • Andrea is the first castaway to debut after Heroes vs. Villains to accumulate 100 days over their Survivor career.
  • Andrea currently holds the Survivor record for having the most elimination votes cast against them, with 36 votes across her three seasons.
  • Andrea is one of five players to serve on a jury three times. The other players are Rupert Boneham, Ozzy Lusth, Cirie Fields, and Joe Anglim.
    • Andrea is one of three players, along with Cirie and Joe, to have voted for the eventual winner all three times they served on the jury.
  • Andrea is the only castaway to play at least three times and have always started on the same tribe as the eventual Sole Survivor.
  • Andrea lost 10.2 lbs. during her time on Game Changers.[15]


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