"Ancient Voices" is the main theme song of the reality television series, Survivor. It is used mainly for the opening credits for each episode, where it contains photographs or very short motion pictures of the castaways.



"Ancient Voices" was musically scored by American composer Russ Landau. Contrary to popular belief that the song was mere gibberish, its lyrics are actually based on a Russian folk song, Poidu Vyidu na Ulitsu (Пойду выйду на улицу, meaning "I'll go and get outside").[1][2][3] It may include local instruments, like the Aboriginals' didgeridoo, which was used in the theme song of Survivor: The Australian Outback, while renditions made for Survivor: Thailand and Survivor: China included oriental tones.[4]


"Ancient Voices" has been used by the US version of Survivor from its inception in 2000 until 2019, and it has been rehashed every season to fit in with the location's culture.[5] The opening credits have a montage of the survivors in their candid moments.

While shortened versions of "Ancient Voices" are used in the opening credits of the series, which lasts about a minute to a minute and ten seconds, each rendition has its own "extended version" that is available through iTunes and soundtracks released by CBS.

Since Survivor: Micronesia, opening sequences are gradually shortened every week, with the eliminated contestant(s) getting cropped away from the credits. In later seasons, a short 3-5 second theme song is displayed at the beginning of each episode, without contestant pictures or it is not shown at all. Since Survivor: Ghost Island, the opening sequence has been completely removed from the episodes.

Following Russ Landau's departure after Survivor: Blood vs. Water, previous renditions of the music are mashed-up for future opening sequences.

Survivor: Island of the Idols is the first and currently only season to not have a rendition of "Ancient Voices", either aired on television or posted online.[6] Survivor: Winners at War was initially stated to feature no rendition,[7] but later received one in celebration of the season finale.[8]

List of Renditions

"Ancient Voices" Rendition Per Season
Youtube - survivor borneo intro
The Australian Outback
Youtube - survivor australian outback 2 - intro
Survivor 3 Africa opening credits High Quality
Youtube - survivor 4 marquesas opening credits -high quality-
Youtube - survivor 5 thailand opening credits -high quality- - v1 -random order-
The Amazon
Alternate Survivor Amazon Intro
Pearl Islands
Survivor 07 Pearl Islands Intro FULL HD
Survivor All- Stars Intro
Survivor 09 Vanuatu Intro FULL HD
Survivor 10 Palau opening credits High Quality - V2 Divided by Tribe
Youtube - survivor 11 guatemala opening credits -high quality- - v2 -full cast-
Survivor Panama - Exile Island Intro High Quality
Cook Islands
Survivor 13 Cook Islands opening credits High Quality
SURVIVOR 14 - Survivor Fiji Theme (HQ)
Survivor 15- China Intro -HQ Version-
SURVIVOR 16 - Survivor Micronesia Theme (HQ)
Youtube - survivor gabon intro(1)
SURVIVOR 18 - Survivor Tocantins Theme (HQ)
SURVIVOR 19 - Survivor Samoa Theme (HQ)
Heroes vs. Villains
SURVIVOR 20 - Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains Theme (HQ)
Survivor Nicaragua Intro with Russ Landau's S21 Unapproved Theme (Intended Nicaragua Theme)
Redemption Island
Survivor- Redemption Island - Ancient Voices Theme
South Pacific
Survivor South Pacific Ancient Voices Theme by Russ Landau
One World
Survivor One World Ancient Voices
Official survivor philippines theme
Survivor 26 Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites Intro
Blood vs. Water
Official Survivor Blood vs. Water theme
Survivor 28 Cagayan Ancient Voices
San Juan del Sur
Survivor 29 San Juan del Sur Ancient Voices
Worlds Apart
Official Survivor Worlds Apart Intro
Survivor Cambodia- Second Chance Intro
Kaôh Rōng
Survivor Kaoh Rong Intro
Millennials vs. Gen X
Survivor S33 Millennials vs. Gen X - Official FULL Intro
Game Changers
Official Survivor Game Changers Intro
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers - Official Intro
Ghost Island
Survivor - Ghost Island Main Title
David vs. Goliath
Ancient Voices - David vs Goliath
Edge of Extinction
Edge of Extinction Ancient Voices
Winners at War
Ancient Voices - Winners at War


^1 This was the intended theme for Survivor: Nicaragua. However, it was unapproved and replaced with a slightly extended version of the original theme from Survivor: Borneo.


In 2001, composer Paul Winter filed an $800,000 lawsuit against Russ Landau and Survivor Executive Producer Mark Burnett for copyright infringement. Winter claimed that there are hints of his 1987 album Earthbeat that are in the Survivor theme music. Earthbeat was a collaboration between Winter's new age band and a traditional Russian group, the Dimitri Pokrovsky Singers. The result of the accusation is currently unknown.[9]


  • In 2001, "Ancient Voices" won a Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Main Title Theme Music".


  • The rendition of "Ancient Voices" for the eighth season, Survivor: All-Stars, was an amalgam of the renditions of the show's first seven seasons.
  • For the theme of Survivor: China, Landau commissioned an all-female Chinese choir in Beijing to translate the Poidu Vyidu na Ulitsu into Mandarin and added a Chinese folk song to the edit.[10]
  • During the titles for Survivor: Nicaragua the theme was the original version from Survivor: Borneo. Although there was a theme created, it was dropped, though it remains available on iTunes.
  • A question on the January 21, 2013 episode of the game show Jeopardy! was asked "This TV show's theme song, Ancient Voices, varies every season to match the locale."[11]
  • All seasons of the Network Ten version of Australian Survivor use the Survivor: South Pacific theme.


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